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TrueOS Trident Update - taken from telegram

Rod Myers

FreeNAS Experienced
Feb 9, 2015
Ken Moore, [09.06.19 08:20]
Just a quick status update: TrueOS is completely broken right now and I am waiting for new updates/fixes on their side. In the meantime, I am looking into spinning up a new repo with FreeBSD 12-stable as the base OS version. The downside to that is it re-uses rc.d instead of OpenRC, so there will be a lot of regressions in bootup behavor, and I also need to adjust all the Trident system setup routines to support both init systems.

Ken Moore, [09.06.19 08:22]
It will take a bit of work, but it might be a nice stable alternative repo for package updates - especially if TrueOS keeps breaking like this.

Ken Moore, [09.06.19 09:47]
TrueOS did a fresh checkout of FreeBSD into a new main branch to catch/fix a number of merge issues they were having with their fork of the FreeBSD repo (trueos-master -> trueos/master). It appears they have not re-applied all the OpenRC integrations and a bunch of other TrueOS updates properly into that branch yet.

Ken Moore, [09.06.19 11:51]
Just to be clear though. We are not disabling or moving away from TrueOS. We will still be using the TrueOS build system and even pull the FreeBSD 12 base from the TrueOS repository (just a different branch which includes FreeBSD 12-stable + the base package implementation).
The plan is that this will just be a new repo that Trident makes available alongside the TrueOS based repo.

Ken Moore, [09.06.19 11:52]
So everybody can choose which version to run.
May 10, 2019
Are there any news about TrueOS+Trident? Things have been quiet lately on the project's web site.

Any expectations about a release?