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SFTP - Mutli-user setup from start to finish


Aug 14, 2019
Hey guys so ive been trying to set this up for weeks now and im not getting anywhere.

Im running freenas 11.2 and trying to setup a sftp so that multiple users can log in and upload/download files.
Each user has to be limited to only their section of the pool so that they cant see other users files and there has to be one main user that can access all of them.
I have basically no understanding of how any of this works and have been trying to search the forums and google but can never seem to get anywhere.

I was wondering if anyone has a guide or video that shows step by step basically setting up a freenas system from scratch to be able to do the things I asked.
Or if there is somewhere I can go to pay someone to set it up for me which I am perfectly fine with doing I just dont even know where to look.

Right now I have created pools and users and enabled ssh created a public key and private key for the user and when trying to connect (via filezilla)
I am getting the error Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey) Could not connect to server

Im not sure what I have done wrong or how to even troubleshoot, any help would be appreciated.



I'm a CLI person myself. Someone else might weigh in on a GUI client.


Senior Member
Jul 9, 2019
WinSCP is a pretty straight forward GUI SFTP client.
MobaXTerm is a kind of Swiss Army Knife tool for all kind of sessions (ssh/telnet/rdp/serial/FTP/SFTP/VNC) with a lot of network debug features and
also has a nice SFTP client.