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Scrubs viewed from TrueCommand 1.3.1

Basil Hendroff

Neophyte Sage
Jan 4, 2014
Twice a month, scrubs run automatically across my FreeNAS servers. The visual nature of TrueCommand makes it easy to get a sense of what's happening across a number of systems. This minute-long video shows scrub progress (the spinning circle in the top right-hand corner of each tile) at two points in time, separated a few hours apart. In the latter half of the video, it's clear that another scrub has completed, but a number of servers are still running scrubs.

Even if you have just two FreeNAS servers, the visual richness of TrueCommand makes it a valuable tool in getting a comparative feel of what's happening across your servers.

Btw, the 11.3-U4.1 update that @Samuel Tai alerted us to a couple of days ago was a cinch to trigger from TrueCommand. Love it!
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