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rclone decrypt files


Jan 16, 2020
Greetings all.

I have made quite possibly the worst mistake here which is a failure to read AND I made an assumption.
What I did not seem to understand is that it is not possible to decrypt files stored on a remote system piecemeal.
Had I known this I would *NEVER* had it encrypt these files.
The ability to get at a single file and be able to decrypt it with a utility was a Synology feature and I assumed most everything had this ability.

I need to recover from this.. put my tail between my legs, and either kill off the remote storage and resync the entire thing without encryption or undo it somehow so when I need to get a file off I can actually get A FILE without this massive headache.

So here we go...
Can I:
- Decrypt a single file I downloaded via web interface? someone know the trick? Literally no doc I can find on this. Standalone tool somewhere?
- Can I untick remote encryption in cloud sync tasks and have it fix itself or do I need to blow away the entire remo

I really hope this is a misunderstanding as to how rclone works because this has left an extremely bad taste in my mouth.