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Qbittorrent won't delete folder with files inside from GUI - log error attached


FreeNAS Aware
Dec 15, 2018

Guys I need small hint.
I am using qbittorent-nox and yesterday I wanted to remove some movies from download folder.
After clicking in GUI delete button qbittorrent removed torrent from list but ina qbittorrent log is this:

(C) 2019-07-24T15:25:53 - 'Glass' was removed from the transfer list but the files couldn't be deleted. Error: Directory not empty
I have been playing with permissions long ago but I cannot find any clue on FreeBSD forums where to set up permission to delete whole folder with files inside.

Is there any solution please ?

PS: qbittorrent crashed after I delete about 5 of theese folders....I suppose because of that qbittorrentcannot delete those files and directories.