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PSA: Dashboard and Reports Pages Rewritten for 11.3


Apr 17, 2017
Hello everybody. There are some big changes coming to the Dashboard and Reports in 11.3 and I wanted to give a little context. This post contains a summary of what is in 11.3 and also what we have planned for 12. The notes about version 12 are included to let you know what we already have on our radar. All this information should give a good overview of where we're at for 11.3 and where we are going for 12. The 11.3 changes are already in the nightlies so you can start testing these now.

What’s new in the Dashboard in 11.3:
  • A complete change in approach. Dashboard no longer shows historical data and instead aims to provide an overview of the current state of the system. Users should use the reports page for historical data.
  • Line charts are replaced and consolidated using meters and gauges.
  • CPU graphs have been consolidated into a single widget. The CPU widget now provides an average usage stat and per thread stats for both temperature and usage.
  • Middleware now handles the stats data and provides the UI with real time events to power the above charts
  • Taller cards to accommodate more information and prevent text overflows.
  • Interfaces are represented as a separate card per physical NIC unless they are part of a LAGG. Those devices will be incorporated into a LAGG card to avoid redundant UI elements.
  • Pool and Interface widgets feature mobile inspired lateral navigation. Users can “drill down” to get the data they need without leaving the page. This approach also paves the way for a responsive UI for v12.

Planned Dashboard improvements for FreeNAS 12:
  • Fully responsive UI.
  • Replace last remaining SVG based chart library instances.
  • User configurations. Users will be able to configure which widgets are shown on the dashboard. Drag and drop functionality.
  • More real time stats. Currently middleware is only providing CPU and Memory related real time stats. We would like to expand on this and provide more stats in this manner. Please put in a feature request on Jira for any real time stats you would like to see in the future.


What’s new in Reports in 11.3:
  • Data is now prepared on the backend by the middleware and OS.
  • Any remaining data manipulation is done in a web worker, keeping expensive processing off of the main UI thread/context.
  • Removed SVG based charting library and replaced it with a canvas based library. The old library was creating in some instances over 200k DOM nodes for just 3 charts. The canvas based approach is GPU accelerated and avoids this problem completely.
  • Implemented virtual scroll/lazy loading to prevent overloading of the browser. This also eliminates the need for the pager.
  • Users can zoom by X or Y axis. A double click resets the zoom level.

Planned Reporting improvements for FreeNAS 12:
  • More performance optimizations.
  • Additional filtering options in the top bar.
  • Summary items for disks like hottest, fastest disks. This will give users a quick way to find which disks in the pool need to be investigated and what to filter for.
  • All charts on page will be synchronized and controlled via global controls.
  • Change chart types where appropriate. For example some stats would be better represented with a stacked or area chart type.



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Nov 17, 2019
I'm definitely missing drive temperature readings (be it historical or not) from the Dashboard :( Also, I just discovered that if you set the drives to go to Standby, you have no temperature logging at all... that is a big miss here.


Nov 6, 2019
+1 temperature, +1 also for ups power consumption and a glitch: drive stats show nothing by default, even if a drive & metric is selected.


Apr 17, 2017
UPDATE for 11.3
We managed to squeeze in a couple of planned 12 features into this 11.3 release.

  • Dashboard is now responsive
  • Middleware has added network traffic to real time stats.
With regards to the drive temperatures. I've made a ticket for the issue. I'll post my comment from the jira ticket here as a reminder for the rationale behind this decision as well as to summarize the options going forward.

Unlike the other live stats on the dashboard, disk temperatures are not available as real time events. Middleware team is also not planning on adding disk temperatures to the real time stats in the future and we don't want to reintroduce polling on the dashboard. That leaves us with the following options.
  1. Add disk temperatures to the disk details section and get the latest stat for that disk. (Would be static with no refreshes)
  2. Leave it as it is currently and direct users to the reports page where all such temperature information is still available.
With that said, if you'd like us to implement option 1, you can vote on this ticket at the link below. If we see significant interest in this, we'll take the ticket out of the backlog and resolve it for a future release.


Jul 28, 2018
Why is everything so big and much of the screen space is wasted? I'm using a 2560x1440 32" monitor.
Dashboard could show much more in one view, there zooming to 65% makes the view much better. And in the Reports view the situation is even worse, there zooming to 40% is about the size I'd like to see and then reduce the space between the elements. Older UI's reports allowed to get much better overall view of several items at the same time.


FreeNAS Experienced
Aug 22, 2017
This dashboard update is terrible. The 11.2u7 was a lot more helpfull. It showed cirtical info & quick details upon clicking on hdd to get its temp/etc/etc. This new version is wasting a lot of space and offer very little information comparing to old one.

Not only that the reports/monitoring tab now gets stuck at the time you open it and no longer scroll to latest second of time.
The size/scale/gui is also terrible. I can only get 1-2 graphs visible, is this for 90 year olds who struggle to operate computers? Have a look at netData for more efficient GUI design, please.

Please rool back dash to 11.2u7 as this is big step backwards.


FreeNAS Experienced
Aug 22, 2017
I'm having a go at it.

This >

Is A LOT LESS helpfull than this >

Notice the size difference and content. The one above gives very little helpful informaton about the hardware/software. It also takes a lot more space.

Moving on, Network
11.3 gives me individual nics nad their up/down status, do we really need all of them? All I need is overview... say >

Moving on Pools
11.3 - large, mostly useless I don't know how many hdds there is etc/etc no temp info

11.2 small to the point. no BS

Generic overview >
11.3 - Kinda helpfull ? I mean I agree these are mostly good, except the wasted space and their size...

11.2 - 4 graphds, I have most of data I need about cpu/ram/temp. The blue boxes are a bit tall, could go shorter but other than that helpfull.


On top of that the "new monitoring" freezes at the time of refresh of website and no longer updates, I have to click arrows >> to go to latest second. >

+ a lot more changes that just are questionable...

Lets go to 11.2 with dash as the 11.3 is too big/useless.
Feb 12, 2020
Well, I've only been experimenting with FreeNAS for 3 weeks, just about to go live so decided to upgrade and learn the new version before I finally commit data.

Got to this page because I've lost the most important dashboard panel for me - disks and the disk temp. Appreciate that they might not be real time, but you had to click on each disk individually anyway, so that changed it.

My other observations echo what's already been said. Panels are way too big and sparse. Sure they are pretty but this is an overview admin screen it's there to give the important messages at a glance. Having to scroll up and down to see half the entries defeats the purpose for me.

Don't see the point of the pool panels. Don't see the point of the network panels. I have 2 pools and 5 interfaces, I could fit the same info for both pools and all five i/f in a grid on one panel for each type of info. OK, I'm not an advanced user, maybe someone else will get something out of these.

It feels like form over function is the main design criteria. Yes it looks gorgeous but that's really low down for me compared to the utility of the info presented and the direct responses available.

Sorry, this sounds really negative, still like the overall product.