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Problem with rebuild raidz2


Junior Member
Oct 6, 2019
I am not sure what to do now... I read HW recomendations here and I am not sure which way I should go. I can buy recomended ServeRAID M1015 and connect it to this system I have and hope it will be ok. But thats not all great. I know i also should use ECC memory - I had a freenas 5 years ago and also lost all my data because of bad ram. (it was that bad that during copy everything was damaged) That was that day when I bought adaptec 3405 and made hw raid5 and was happy. (and also bought fm1 one motherboard with hdmi output and used it as htpc).

With freenas I cant use it as htpc, but I can use plex and thats not bad. I also had a problem with virtual win10 installed on freenas. CPU was almost all the time at 100% (irq request in win10 task manager) So my experience was not flawless.

I think I have several possible choices...

1. Forget about raid and put drives to my pc, important data on all drives and maybe one drive as cold storage. (run virtual system there and also run servio)
2. Buy a ServeRAID M1015 card and hope that rest will work.
3a. Buy a new hardware with 6 sata ports. (ASRock AB350 Pro4)
3b. Buy a new hardware with less ports and ServeRAID M1015. (probably cheaper B350 board)
4. Buy a new hardware with less sata ports and LSI 9260-8i 512MB and make hw raid6 (without freenas).

I am looking for AMD 2200G, because I think it has a great price / performance value. I also may use it again as HTPC and also for playing some older games in living room. I dont know, but maybe 4 is the best choice for me...


Neophyte Sage
Oct 18, 2018
If you go with new hardware I would suggest you consider used if possible; except the HDDs. I wouldn't purchase hardware based on the number of SATA ports, you can always add an HBA and an expander to give you WAY more than enough ports.

It is possible that your current system could be saved; but it is hard to guess at what may be wrong. I'd start with testing every single cable to make sure they are well-seated; and then I'd see if I could test the hardware in some other way. I'd also take a look at the logs and see if they are reporting any issues with the drives and check out the long SMART test results on each drive. Your case has been odd because it seems like very frequently a new drive is reported as OFFLINE or UNAVAILABLE where previously it was fine.

Don't wipe your drives; however you get a functional system up and running you may want to try to import the pool in the new system to see if you can recover it.