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"Parental Control"


Aug 21, 2019
Hi a noob question THAT DOSENT EXIST ON GOOGLE. I am setting up a FreeNAS system with SMB shares. I have setup a pool with 3 datasets me, person 2, person 3.
Person 3 is my child. I wnt to set it up so i can access his share and edit files but he can only access his files.So my question is setting a SMB share with multiple people have accessto a particular share. (I can provide any info or pictures if you need).


Junior Member
Jun 5, 2019
If home folders don't do the trick, it sounds like you need to play around with groups and users. There are multiple ways you can do it, but this is how I've done it and it's working for my use-case at least.

Say you have folders A and B and 2 users, and you want to limit 1 of the users to just folder B. What I would do in that scenario would be to create 2 user accounts and 2 groups, then assign rights based on those. For each account, set the primary group to the corresponding group, and set the permission of each folder to be owned by a user and a group. If you want to give a user access to more folders, then add the folder's group as an auxiliary group in the user.

So in this scenario, you'd have something like this:
  • Folder A: Owned by "userA" and "groupA"
  • Folder B: Owned by "userB" and "groupB"
  • userA: Primary group "groupA" and auxiliary group "groupB"
  • userB: Primary group "groupB"
  • groupA
  • groupB
This way, userA would have full access to both A and B, while userB would only have access to B. If you have 3 users and folders, then just add C to the above and it's the same principle.
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