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Not Logging In With Firefox Nightly (72+)

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Apr 11, 2016
I have been getting frustrated with the plugin thinking that it was something I was configuring improperly until I just did some digging and critical thinking. Since there is no mention of the default login info I thought the admin login and adminadmin pass mentioned in the qbittorent GitHub were incorrect but I realized that the login page was noting when invalid credentials were applied but kept resetting the page when entering admin/adminadmin (on Nightly 72 & 73) so I tested it on other browsers.
Worked perfectly on the Samsung mobile browser and Firefox 71 on Windows 10. To make sure it was not qbittorrent-nox itself I enabled the web UI on my laptop installation of qbittorent and it worked perfectly on FF Nightly 73 as well. Not sure where to post a bug for the plugin so I figured this would be the best option.