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new system for use in schools


FreeNAS Experienced
Aug 19, 2018
We ran into the same issue when we recently looked to add another pair of Nimbles, after HPE bought them they about doubled the price per array.

We are looking into IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to pay OpEx rather than CapEx.
Jan 23, 2019
Hi, thanks for the reply.

I am happy to look at rebuilding the appliance, I’ve found it all rather interesting.

I’ve attached a print screen of netdata; its a typical view when i have a few classes saving video projects to the windows file servers hosted on freenas.

Our network:
Each distribution switch is connected to the core with 2 x 10Gbps LAG. The core switch is made up of 3 x 48 port HP 5900 in an IRF with 4x 40Gbps connections between each). In turn our virtual servers have 4 x 10 Gbps connections to each side of the core. The iSCSI side of things is based on 2 x HP 5920AF in an IRF, all virtual hosts have 4 x 10Gbps connections to this in an MPIO arrangement.

I get the throughput to this appliance is limited because of the number of 10 Gbps connections to it (2 at the moment in an MPIO config) but when writes get close to the network limit the CPU usage is close to 100%

The past several months have given me enough trust in freenas to consider replacing all of our existing storage with 2 x freenas servers, that said i would need to be confident that they could handle all the IO.

At the moment we use a mix of equallogic, nimble and jetstore iSCSI

I am hopeful to have access to 2 x 18 bay dell r720 that we could repurpose if they would be suitable? If so, it’s what hardware to put in them…….