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my Desktop won't turn on

Jan 13, 2020
So I opened my desktop to clean up all of the dusts and shii it had so While I was cleaning idk What I did my computer won't turn on.
I checked all of the cables they are connected. The motherboard light is even on. When I press the turn on/off button the light gets turn on quickly and it gets off, the fan and everything is off too so Can someone tell me why is it happening or How do I FIX IT PLEASE.


FreeNAS Experienced
Jun 13, 2013
static discharge perhaps in which case you might be screwed .. reseat everything .. make sure your heatsink on your CPU is secured/attached correctly .. try a different power supply. Unplug all peripherals from mother board and power and just fire up bare minimum to get into BIOS. If still no go, remove everything from case and place motherboard..etc on on non-conductive surface and plug in PSU and test components outside of case.

Generally, when a setup acts like your does, it's CPU overheating (heatsink popped off or the like) and thermal protection kicking in right away and shutting your system down to avoid damaging the CPU.. or your power supply went belly up