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LACP ... friend or foe?

Dec 17, 2018

I have 4 ESXi hosts with 10GB cards and a FreeNAS with 2 x Dual 10GB cards. I do not have a 10GB switch available.

esx1: nas1-1:
esx2: nas1-2:
esx3: nas1-3:
esx4: nas1-4:

I'm setting up a 4 node DEV cluster and will have nested ESX clusters as well, so would like to use the same FreeNAS/iSCSI target. If I configure point-to-point on the physical ESX hosts, all is good.

But if I utilize the nested hosts, then their nested IP could migrate to another physical host and the point-to-point would fail.

For example, if esx-nested-1: is running on esx1, all is good. But if this nested host is migrated to esx2, then the point-to-point fails.

Question - can LACP be used for where I have no switch - so set up a 4 member LACP/LB interface?

esx1: nas1-1:
esx2: nas1-1:
esx3: nas1-1:
esx4: nas1-1:

Thanks in advance.


FreeNAS Experienced
Aug 19, 2013
that is a very cool $135 switch, an older arista 24 port one from ebay is like $300