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Jail is not reachable from outside

Mar 23, 2017
I added two Jails to my FreeNAS 11 System. One is a Plex Jail, it is working great without problems, i configured a DDNS service and forwarded the port and I can reach it from outside my local LAN. But I also added a jail for VPN Server (SoftEther). This jail is working in my local LAN but I cannot reach it from outside over my DDNS address. I forwarded the needed ports and I have no firewall running, how can I configure the jail to be reachable from outside?
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May 28, 2011
You basically answered your own question, let me break it down...

First you say it's working on the internal network (LAN):
This jail is working in my local lan
So we know by this that FreeNAS is working fine.

Next you say that you cannot reach it from the internet (WAN):
but i can not reach it from outside over my ddns address.
And you added this part which while you may believe it's true, it's unlikey true as something is blocking your port(s):
I forwarded the needed ports and i have no firewall running
And to your primary question:
how can i configure the jail to be reachable from outside?
The answer is: Your jail is running fine, you stated it above. This is a firewall issue not a FreeNAS configuration issue.

My advice is to ensure that you are passing the correct ports and they are being passed to the proper jail IP address. The other thing could be that your ISP blocks these ports. I don't know why they would but it's possible. And are you using a different WAN IP to access your VPN? You cannot use the same WAN, must be different, and you might be doing that, I just wanted to cover all the bases.

I wish you the best of luck, firewalls can be a real pain at times.


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Sep 12, 2014
Some ISP's block port 80 so test the port with an external port checker to see if it's actually open. You also may be in a double NAT situation if your ISP has you on a private network.