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How to reset (some) S.M.A.R.T data on HDD

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May 26, 2011
So i was running a burn-in tests of my six new 12TB WD White HDDs and something went wrong at some point in time. Badblocks reported few millions of "write errors" on one of the disks and i got "UDMA_CRC_Error_Count" counter increased together with "ATA Error Count: 8" + long log info about last errors. Also my server got very unresponsive and i was not able to kill the running tmux so i've restarted it via IPMI.
I am not sure what happened (loose cable, some unexpected vibration, SAS controller momentary failure, etc...). I've flashed the SAS2308 firmware to and started the badblocks on three disks again (instead of six) with a bit different parameters (no -v, no file output, less -c value...). All three disks finished the first pass write/read with ZERO errors. Also the long test on the "failed" disk returned no issues.
So based on the above i can safely say it was a temporary issue as i am not able to reproduce it and the HDD is working as expected (no issues, no re-allocated sectors, no badblocks, nothing...).

So the question is how the F can i get rid of the stupid UDMA_CRC_Error_Count and the long ERROR log which i am getting from smartctl -a /dev/da3? It scares the sh!t out of me every time i see the error even it is an old one and nothing is actually wrong.

Please don't say "it is not possible to manipulate S.M.A.R.T. data" because it clearly is. There are low-level (repair) tools like "WD Marvel", "SeDiv" or "WDR" allowing to manipulate with the DISK firmware via ATA commands on very low level of access. Yes the tools are quite expensive (or not even "legal") but for example WD Marvel offers 1month license for $15 which i am OK to pay to satisfy my tiny OCD ^^ .
The question is that even if i am reading the Russian and Chinese forums from top to bottom i am still not quite sure how to wipe the two states above. Yea i've learned how to (in theory) re-flash the whole firmware or change the "capacity" of the disk or to change the P and B lists, etc. For some models it was even possible to reset the "odometer" so it would look like the disk was not used much (huuuh scary right?). But i am still missing the info how to get rid of the log messages SMART is reporting.

So i wonder if there is someone who knows/does this kind of low-level manipulation and would be so kind to share a little bit of the magic with me (in public or via PMs. I can imagine that this kind of HDD tampering would either lead to more disk re-selling frauds or a ton of hardbricked HDDs. I don't want either of this to happen.)

For obvious reasons i will not post any links here. Just google the software names and you will find it by yourself. I don't want to connect this forum with these especially when one of the software is not quite legal.