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How do i set up PXE boot to install windows using my FreeNAS server

Sep 19, 2019
Hey guys!,

I've been doing a lot of searches to try to figure this one out. A lot of posts about this have been unanswered mainly due to the fact that no one fully explained themselves when asking how to. so im going to try to be as detailed as possible in my question so that people will understand what I'm trying to do.

im running FreeNAS 11.1-U7
AMD FX 8350 Eight Core Processor
8097 GB of DDR3 RAM (single stick)

I would like to host all the required services (I believe TFTP, PXE, etc) (i'm new at this BTW so please don't laugh at me) to be able to install Windows 10 64-bit from my FreeNAS server using "Boot from Network" option on another computer on the network. I install and build a lot of computers quite frequently and instead of having 5 drives containing the windows installation media I feel like it would be much more simple to be able to plug in a network cable and boot from network to install windows.
I don't need any special image file. just a simple windows installation (even if it worked the same as a usb drive where i have to enter a key and install its not a big deal)

the Tl;dr is, I would like to have everything required to install windows 10 through my network hosted out of my FreeNAS server. could some kind soul please point me in the right direction or help me through it.

please be very detailed for me. I'm not a noob when it comes to the pc and hardware environment but i'm a total noob with networking (although I am trying to learn it as it's interesting to me)
if it helps my network looks like this

[ASUS GT-AC5300 Router]----------[Switch]----------[FreeNAS Server PC]