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Help updating a plugin, it still thinks its version freenas 10

Randy Smyth

Junior Member
Apr 9, 2017
I have a freenas 11.2 system.
My jails containing plex, sabnzb, sonarr, etc were all migrated from the previous jai system in V10 to the new iocage system.

I am currently having issues with Sabnzb.
Using pkg update and upgrade says i have latest, 2.3.4 which is far behind the current 2.3.9
ive created and switched FreeBSD.conf to "latest", no change

if i run "pkg -vv"
FreeBSD: {
url : "pkg+",

So my system is looking at repositories in V10 and not V11.

How to I repoint it? where is that variable set ?


Dedicated Sage
Jan 1, 2016
You mean 9.10.

How to I repoint it? where is that variable set ?
That's easily found in the forums, but don't.

You're going to be much happier just creating new jails as long as you separated out your application data and config to jail mounts already (or if you didn't do it now).