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Generic ESXi CIM Provider?


Feb 18, 2019
So last night at midnight I hear this crazy weird siren sound coming from the basement. Long story short: scrub kicks off on Freenas vm and ramps up CPU? HBA? ??? temps enough to make the motherboard set off the klaxon.

Here's the problem (and thus the question): I'm running esxi on a supermicro x10sat -- no ipmi. Thus esxi can't (won't?) tell me about the system temps even though they're readily available via bios. So I have no way of knowing what the alarm was actually complaining about.

Freebsd has been able to read temps via coretemp for over a decade so there must be a way to do the same thing on esxi w/o ipmi. Is there a generic or Intel chipset cim provider that can read basic temp info on non ipmi boards?


Senior Member
Oct 29, 2016
esx is very archaic about supported hardware; unless you are pretty much running an exact hardware config they say is compatible, it doesnt do all kinds of things.
esx is also very likely to gate things into their paid solutions: its very possible that what you want is only available in the vcenter functionality, if at all.
installing anything that isn't approved often does nothing useful. ( i tried to use HP smart array package to control a p410, but because its not in HP server chassis with HP hardware and HP does absolutely nil)