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FreeNAS + NFS v4.2 deliciousness? (pNFS & server-side copy)


Feb 28, 2013
Hey Folks,

Recent commits to FreeBSD include NFS v4.2 ( ), and there's some features in v4.2 (plus v4.1?) that I would love to see leveraged in FreeNAS.

1. v4.2 includes server-side copy for NFS shares.
2. v4.1 (or v4.2?) includes pNFS, Parallel NFS for multi-pathing NFS traffic over multiple NICs without needing things like LACP
3. v4.x (forget exact version) includes user auth for NFS export connections

Any chance we can see FreeNAS take advantage of these and other modern NFS features? I think this would be mad delicious.

Also, I'm unsure if the server-side copy can work between two NFS exports provided by the same server (let's say, copying from an NFS export backed by spinning disk, to another NFS export backed by SSD, that are both served by the same system).