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/etc on tmpfs

Jan 17, 2020
Hi everyone,

I have a little problem concerning freenas configuration.
I would need to load some scripts at startup (i.e. put it in /etc/rc.local) and to change the timezone from PST to CEST (that would be /etc/localtime)
However /etc is on a tmpfs - for whatever reason ;)
So after each reboot my changes are gone.
How do you guys make changes in /etc?
Where does it copy all the /etc files from and how can I make changes there?
Or if that is easier: how to make /etc non-tmpfs ?
Sorry... not familiar with freebsd - actually freenas is my first freebsd experience ;)


Resident Grinch
May 29, 2011
You don't make changes in /etc. FreeNAS is an appliance, and you aren't supposed to be tinkering around under the hood. It is based on FreeBSD, but FreeBSD is a traditional UNIX system and isn't designed for appliance usage, therefore there's lots of differences with FreeNAS.

Use the GUI to set your timezone.

If you need startup scripts, place them in your pool and create init/shutdown scripts under "Tasks."

Anything else you're tempted to do through file editing, don't. FreeNAS will quite likely overwrite your changes with stuff from its internal configuration database.

The correct method for configuring FreeNAS is to use the GUI.
Jan 17, 2020
Thanks for pointing out the right direction.
I found both items in the GUI and could make the changes there.
What I needed works perfectly now... thanks again.