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Duplicati (unable to save settings)


May 5, 2020
Hey Guys,

I have the FreeNAS mini. I installed the plugin "duplicati" and I launched it in my browser using URL I was asked for a passoword and the default password "duplicati" worked. Once logged in I change some settings, including my password. The settings changed BUT...

After I re-start the Jail (or re-start the whole NAS) the settings are re-set to default. This includes the password, which is changed back to the default password of "duplicati".

How can I make my settings save?

I notice there is something in the post install notes which says:
"To change settings until the UI is fixed use the command line. Example: iocage get -P port PLUGIN
Configurable settings are port and webpass."

However I can't really figure out what this means, and was hoping someone is able to help me?