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CyberPower UPS dual connections?


Nov 25, 2017
Hey all,

I have a 1500VA/900W CyberPower model CP1500PFCLCD UPS unit that I wish to use for both my primary desktop machine and the FreeNAS box. I would like both machines to be notified to shut down gracefully when on battery power. The unit has a USB and a serial connection. Question, can both be used at the same time?

For example, I could connect USB to the FreeNAS box and serial to my desktop PC running Windows. Would that work? (And would the other way around work? Does FreeNAS have a driver for using serial with CyberPower UPS units or is it USB-only?)

Help is appreciated. Thanks!

John Digital

FreeNAS Experienced
Jan 7, 2015
I have a very similar UPS unit, and im not sure if you can use both interfaces or not, but thats ok. Theres a package in BSD called nut - Network UPS Tools. Its built in to FreeNAS as a service. Im sure windows has a nut package too as its OS. Basically FreeNAS will be configured as the NUT server (master), and Windows a NUT client(slave). Windows will query the FreeNAS box every X seconds to see if it is on battery power, if it is, then windows will start a graceful shutdown (hopefully). I have this working great between FreeNAS and pfSense and I don't see why Windows wouldnt do it as well. Good luck!