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Call for Testing: Apache CloudStack - Open Source Cloud Computing

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FreeNAS Fans,

We’re pleased to make available for testing a new Cloudstack Iocage Plugin.

What is Cloudstack?

Apache CloudStack is an open source infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform that allows IT service providers to offer public cloud services. CloudStack can also be used by businesses that want to provide their own private cloud and hybrid clouds services on-premises. CloudStack includes a compute function that allocates virtual machines (VMs) to individual servers, a network function that manages switches to create and manage logical networks, object and block storage systems, an image management function and a cloud computing management interface that supports all of the software stack’s components. CloudStack allows administrators to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines running the following hypervisors:

* VMware
* Citrix XenServer
* Xen Cloud Platform (XCP)
* Oracle VM server
* Microsoft Hyper-V


How to Test:

Login to your FreeNAS terminal and pull the repo from here:

git clone
cd iocage-plugin-cloudstack
iocage fetch -P ./cloudstack.json ip4_addr="xxxx" defaultrouter="xxx"

We would like to hear what's your thoughts ;). Happy Testing!