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BSD code to be relicensed GPLv3: Hyperbola (*their* hyperbole?)

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Resident Grinch
May 29, 2011
Oh you spotted that too, huh.

It seemed a little "off" to me. Wouldn't it be easier just to fork Linux kernel development and strip out the crap you don't want?

I mean, now, don't get me wrong, I'm a BSD guy, dating way back to the VAX and Sun days. I appreciate the general stability and sanity of the BSD system designs. We don't seem to have misadventures such as systemd. It's a pleasant and consistent platform.

It seems to me that BSD is much more suited to product development, because what manufacturer really wants their source code to be forced to be distributed? But for whatever reason, that hasn't happened, and there apparently aren't that many devices that integrate one of the BSD's as their underlying OS. (Yay FreeNAS!)

However, BSD has been slowly losing out to Linux for a long time. A lot of it is just resources - there are a lot of companies building products on Linux, and therefore a vested interest in development. FreeBSD doesn't have as much of that. This is unfortunate. :-(