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Bhyve: Windows Print Server?


Jan 2, 2016
I need a Windows (10) print server. I have some dye-sub printers that require Windows for their drivers and also for a piece of proprietary print software. As of now, I have the printers connected to an old laptop, and that works okay, but I think it would neat to add a some more RAM to accommodate the Bhyve VM and just use my FreeNAS to do this.

I suppose the issue I can see is giving the VM the physical USB controller. From what I have been able to figure out, with a vt-d capable cpu I should be able to give an entire USB card to the VM.

The hardware for this NAS is a Xeon 1225 (supports vt-x and vt-d) and an X9scm motherboard.

Any thoughts on how well this would work for this use case? Can anybody recommend a USB card for this?