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All Paths Down message on ESxi

Sep 28, 2017
Hi All,

I have few esxi hosts which are running on different versions (5.5,6.0&6.5) and these are connected to one L2 switch.Other side, I have one Super micro storage and this is also connected to the Same switch.I am putting all of the Ports in the same Vlan and mounting the Data Stores on ESXi Host using NFS.The Ports which are connected from Super micro hardware to the switch are in LACP(ix2 and Ix3) both of these Ports are 10G. Currently, I am using freenas 11.1U7 on Super Micro Storage Servers. Twice in a month, I am seeing APD calls on ESXi host and its loosing the connection to the NFS Data Stores and because of this All of the VM's in the Host going to read only mode.When I reset the Virtual machines these are working fine. Most of the time,this is Happening exactly on Sunday.I couldn't find anything in the Freenas Logs and switch logs.How Can I troubleshoot this issue?.