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11.3 - IPv6 Routing Problems

Sep 7, 2019

I'm using a small NAS with FreeNAS 11.3 at home.
The ethernet card is set to "dhcp".
My router supports ipv4 and ipv6. IPv6 is working for all other clients in the network without problems.

The problem is freenas seems to have problems with ipv6. Everything is configured to "dhcp" (default) Autoconfigure ipv6 is set. Everyhting is set to default. It get's a valid ipv6 from the provided pool. "Autoconfigure IPv6" is enabled.
Unfortunatly it's just luck to get a valid ipv6 gateway. Very often after reboot no gateway is set. On the other side DNS for ipv6 is set.

When I enter the network -> interface dialog and apply the interface without any changes the public ipv6 address is dropped. In network summary only the local link address is shown. In order to get the public ipv4 the system must be restarted.

Sometimes several minutes after startup the gateway is set.

I have linux experiance but none for freebsd.
Has anyobdy an idea how I can debug this issue?

BTW: Is it possible that ipv6 is problematic with FreeNAS in general? With 11.2 I was not able to get ipv6 working in jails when using dhcp. Although after I upgraded the host to 11.3 it didn't work.
Sep 7, 2019
I was able to get ipv6 working.
I had to set the following tunables:
ipv6_activate_all_interfaces YES
rtsold_enable YES

As with 11.2 I was not able to get ipv6 working inside of a jail. I want to setup an openvpn ipv4/ipv6 tunnel. For this I has to set the following additional tunables:
gateway_enable YES
openvpn_configfile path/file
openvpn_dir updatesafe/path
openvpn_enable YES

I would prefer a jail but as mentioned before ipv6 is not working inside of it.