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Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
  1. MortenBN1988

    Making an internal swappable Windows compatible drive

    Hi guys! I have 6x MILDEF ST301 NAS's with 6x 1TB SSDs each, i need to configure identically. Each NAS server is running in its own separate network. Drive 1-5 are for archiving and i created a pool and a windows SMB share. This works flawlessly. What i can't figure out: I need the 6th drive...
  2. bigdadda06

    Proper method to remove USB HDD after import.

    Hi All, I'm new to FreeNAS and am having a good time working out all the ins and outs of the OS/setup. Everything seems to be going mostly OK. I've got one issue at present, after a bit of messing around trying to do it the wrong way, I finally figured out how to import the data off an NTFS...
  3. marcelovvm

    Replace Windows fileserver with a FreeNAS

    We are evaluating the use of FreeNAS here in the company, but we are hard to see if it can replace our current architecture. We have an AD / DC (Windows Server 2008 R2) and a fileserver (Windows Server 2008 R2) with two Iomega Storages connected via iSCSI on the fileserver. Our files are in one...
  4. T

    NTFS Permissions not correctly inherited

    On the latest FN11 release I get some strange permission problems: Dataset is set to Windows Permissions with Admin as user and Admin as Group (770). No AD, just Windows Permissions set through the Explorer. From Windows Explorer we set a folder with some users having r/w Access. Now if...
  5. loch_nas

    Reliable way of backing up FreeNAS with 1 FreeNAS server only

    Soon I will have my first FreeNAS server running as the central point of file share. At this time I'm thinking about the best ways for a reliable and easy backup of the FreeNAS server. My future plan is to build a second FreeNAS server for backing up the main FreeNAS server. I don't exactly know...
  6. adarshmadrecha

    Folder Permissions not inherited for some users - SMB Share

    I have setup my new FreeNas as follows: 0. Created a user admin1 under a group admins and ticked Microsoft account. 1. Created a dataset ds1 type windows 2. Gave the permission > owner as admin1 and owner group as wheel 3. Shared this dataset (SMB Share) 4. In windows 10, using file explorer...
  7. G

    Box does not want to save to my FreeNAS

    I have a Box account and want to set up Box Sync on my Mac. This Mac has a very small disk so I want the Box Sync folder to be on my FreeNAS. However Box Sync says "it can only write to an NTFS or HFS volume". Is there a way around this? If my Mac can write to the FreeNAS no problem, why can't...
  8. cronsloth

    Windows error: No Mapping between account names and security IDs was done

    First post on here, sorry if this has already been answered. We have a Windows env and SMB shares through our network. On one of those shares, using a Windows 10 machine, I added a FreeNAS user to have full permissions on a folder. Despite them showing up in the 'Security' tab as having full...
  9. J

    FreeNAS 11 - Import Disk (NTFS)

    Hey gang, So I just attempted to import a NFS formated disk and wanted to followup and get some support. After starting the process of importing the disk I left the dialogue box up and let it do its thing. Meanwhile I noticed it gave no indicator of where it was. So after almost three hours I...
  10. Arwen

    General ZFS features - discussion

    We have had several threads opened concerning which file system is best for a NAS. This thread is intended to discuss what features are available in each file system, and what use they are in a NAS or server. For example, many file systems are limited to one specific brand of OS. Like NTFS is...
  11. M

    Bad Local Read/Write Performance, Hardware Issue?

    I'm running FreeNas on a Dell Poweredge R200, I mounted a 5TB NTFS Disk and I Have a 4TB Disk with 2.85TB full in ZFS. I am currently copying the data from the 4TB disk to the 5TB Disk. However I am getting only 25 MB/s I am trying to find where it is bottle necking... STATS FOR NERDS: Dell...