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iocage plugin

  1. Tsaukpaetra

    iocage jail: NAT option for plugins?

    (Wasn't sure if this should be in the Development section, I'm on the Nightlies so this option may not apply in the released version) I've noticed that during plugin creation that the NAT option is selected by default. This is all fine and dandy, as everything *seems* to be working (with...
  2. tprelog

    FN 11.2 iocage -- Home Assistant jail & plugins for Node-RED, Mosquitto, Amazon-Dash, TasmoAdmin

    I've been doing a better job updating this post in the Home Assistant forms. Originally this started simply as a manual installation guide and over several versions has grown to include more information on configuring the FreeNAS host system as well. For example, configuring a dataset to contain...