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home assistant

  1. tprelog

    FN 11.2 iocage -- Home Assistant jail & plugins for Node-RED, Mosquitto, Amazon-Dash, TasmoAdmin

    I've been doing a better job updating this post in the Home Assistant forms. Originally this started simply as a manual installation guide and over several versions has grown to include more information on configuring the FreeNAS host system as well. For example, configuring a dataset to contain...
  2. cozd74

    Home assistant in Freenas 11.2 RCx

    Vorrei installare Home assistant su Freenas dal sito del progetto ho provato a seguire la guida valida per Freenas 9 ( ) ma già dal primo comando (pkg update) ho un problema: l'aggiornamento del repository fallisce anche abilitando la...
  3. tprelog

    SOLVED USB (Z-Wave) device no longer shows up in iocage jail on FreeNAS 11.2

    Update: This has now been solved by a quick fix in post #2 and a slightly more advanced (probably better) approach in post #10 Post #2 suggests setting devfs_ruleset=3 which exposes most of the host /dev tree to the jail. This works but more of /dev is exposed than needed. Post #10 seems to be...
  4. TooMuchData

    Home Assistant and FreeNAS

    I run Home Assistant in a VM on FreeNAS 11.0-U4. Been using it for years to manage lights, switches, thermostats, and IOT devices. Works great. Recently I started using HASS to "manage" FN replication tasks (specifically to enable and disable them individually or en mass). Just wondering if...
  5. M

    [How-To] Home Assistant in a jail (tested on 9.10)

    Hier is a small tutorial how to install Home Assistant on your FreeNAS machine. create a jail in the jail enter: pkg update pkg upgrade pkg install python35 pkg install py35-sqlite3 python3.5 -m ensurepip after that you have to install HomeAssistant pip3 install homeassistant and start it...