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  1. Bhoot


    Well it’s that time that I ask you all to comment with pros and cons of the disks you’re using, would you recommend the same to others looking for new disks? Each of the disk manufacturers have now rolled 2 (possibly more) of NAS drives with additional warranties etc. How old are your current...
  2. S

    Hitachi SAS SSDs as SLOG and other SSD questions

    I have a ZFS server with 2 x mirrored/striped (aka RAID10) pools. One pool is 8 x 3TB 7200rpm Toshiba drives and holds an iSCSI volume. The other pool is 12 x 4TB drives and is used for SMB shares. (I put a zpool status dump at the bottom of the post) Currently I'm using 2 x HUSSL4010BSS600 as...
  3. S

    First FreeNAS build to replace old Synology 212+

    Hi all, I am looking to building my first FreeNAS system to upgrade an old Synology 212+ 2 bay unit. Below is my list of equipment that I am considering for the build and I will be looking for some feedback.The primary function of the NAS will be: File Server for home and 4 users. I will not be...
  4. C

    FreeNAS support for HGST Ultrastar He12

    Hello everyone, I would like to know what is the current support like for the HGST Ultrastar He12 ( with P/N HUH721212ALE600 or LE604. I am building an ~100TB storage system for a client in the CG/Animation space using Quanta D51BV-2U...
  5. G

    Storage design for disk based backup system

    Hi all, we've been running a freenas 20TB test environment for the last few months and all works great - now we're looking to expand and could use some advice. We are using the FreeNAS as the destination for disk based backups of production VMs and wanted to see if anyone could provide input on...
  6. Bhoot

    High capacity HDD

    Hi all. I am sure everyone is aware of the growing sizes of HDD at an exponential rate. While the WD Red Pro have not found a disk > 8tb; Seagate Ironwolf has touched 10tb and HGST (owned by WD) has touched 12. The WD Red come with a 3 year warranty; red pro 5 years; Ironwolf 3y; ironwolf pro 5...
  7. B

    Has anyone personally compared WD Reds against HGST Deskstar for noise?

    I put 6x 4TB HGST Deskstar NAS drives in my build, and I knew there would be some audible tone.. but it's worse than I expected, and really quite unbearable for a home server out in the open. I don't have anywhere in the house with good ventilation to move the server to, so it's becoming a...