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hard disk

  1. P

    Lost pool

    Hi to all, I would appreciate any help! Today the pool was lost. I have 3x wd red drives on freenas. Some days ago I saw a degraded message on the dashboard and I wrote down the serial number of that drive. I then changed My PSU and all the cables and the message went away after I restarted. I...
  2. Bhoot


    Well it’s that time that I ask you all to comment with pros and cons of the disks you’re using, would you recommend the same to others looking for new disks? Each of the disk manufacturers have now rolled 2 (possibly more) of NAS drives with additional warranties etc. How old are your current...
  3. K

    Hard Disk ATA status: 41 (DRDY ERR), error: 10 (IDNF )

    I searched and googled, but could not find a solved/answered situation like this. If I could, I would replace this disk, just not able to do that right now. It is a refurb WD Red 4TB that I have had running for about 1.3 years. I was not able to pull things off the prior disk in time and...