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    set compression level to 7zip (plug-in?)

    currently, maximum compression using gzip compresses a 280gb file down to 70gb on my freenas volume. same file, 7zip will compress to 30gb, but that's not internal. i don't want to store these files as 7zip files, because i think that data dedupe will save more space when they're not in their...
  2. S

    Replicated & compressed dataset differs unexpectedly in size

    I hope you can help me understand what's going on here with my original dataset using lz4 and the replicated one using gzip-9. Two FreeNAS servers, 1# and #2, both has a new volume with nothing special going on. The dataset in question that is being replicated has all kinds of different data...
  3. F

    Compression and free space in pool

    Hi, I have a pool with a single vdev with three 240gb ssds in raidz1 that I use for primary storage for ESXi. The problem is that I want to use as much space as I can but freenas doesnt let me create more zvols in the dataset because it says its full. According to the zpool I used 345GB of...
  4. T

    Is 10x Compression Normal?

    Hi Guys, So yesterday I moved all my VMs from a rubbish SAN over to FreeNAS, however, I've noticed that ESXi is showing that I've used 5TB of data where FreeNAS is showing 500GB data used. I know that compression is enabled on the Zpool however, I didn't expect it to be as good as 10x...
  5. C

    Replication and compression

    Not new to FreeNAS, but new to replication. My question is: if the source and destination datasets are both lz4 compressed, is it necessary/advised to use stream compression? I read somewhere that newer versions of ZFS are capable of sending the snapshots as they are on disk (compressed) and...
  6. D

    Some data is not being compressed till I move it off then back onto the dataset

    I have VM backups that are pushed to FreeNAS over NFS each weekend, however the backups are not compressing even though the lz4 compression is turned on in this dataset (and every other one for the matter). If I move the files off the dataset, then back on, they show as compressed. Any idea...
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    FreeNAS not compressing and connection issues

    Hi, I am not sure where this thread should be so let me know if I should move it somewhere else. It kind of fits into a few different categories. The system spec's are as follows: Hp Proliant dl385 g7 server 64gigs of ram 24 amd cpu cores at 2.1ghz 32gb lexar flash drive for FreeNAS os LSI hba...
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    Should I write compressed or uncompressed data to a ZFS dataset with compression on?

    I'm busy testing a new tool to backup a full HD and I can select for it to compress its output so I was wondering if there is a point in doing so as it writes to a share and the underlying ZFS dataset has compression enabled. I'm thinking that if I disable compression in my backup tool, it...