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Scripted installation of Nextcloud 18 in iocage jail 2018-03-23

Excellent.. best guide I've found..
So jolly good! This script gets updated to the latest bits and pieces and is so reliable to use. Have had great success getting nextcloud going on a FreeNAS server many times using this script.
Great script. Works like a charm :)
Very useful script to create all the nextcloud environment.
Very nicely done! I created mine the old fashioned way (by hand), but really like the little extras that you created to make this work! Bravo!
Works perfectly on FreeNAS 11.1-U4 as long as you have configured correctly port-forwarding and firewall rules on your router.
Works great with 11.1-U4
This script accomplished in 25 minutes what I was not able to do in 3 months of attempts to install nextcloud. Great resource!