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[HOW TO] FN11.1 Docker VM, Rancher, Plex, Tautulli, Ombi, Deluge w/OpenVPN & PIA, Sickrage, & More

Thanks for the detailed steps. I was able to migrate my Plex server from Jail to Docker. Only issue I had is I counld't see my server in Plex because the Claim code I used was older than 4 minutes before launch of the container. But it was obviously totally my fault ;). Just mentionning it here because it may happen to others!
Excelent thx
Great work!
Very useful
Very useful step through. Particularly helpful in showing how Rancher can shorten the Docker gap left by the demise of Corral.
great guide!! thanks for this.
Awesome guide!
Excellent guide, thanks a lot for taking the time to write it up!