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Hardware Recommendations Guide

Hardware Recommendations Guide Rev 1e) 2017-05-06

Great document! It defenitely clears the main doubts about RAM.
Great article, should be required reading for all new members of the site.It will either be a confirmation for an experienced user or gratefully accepted information fire hose for us newbies.
da best
First stop to any person coming to the forum and planning to build a solid and reliable NAS.
It took me a while to fully appreciate what this guide has to offer. Fantastic resource and kept up to date, even if you don't realize it at first. I would consider this the guide for hardware.
Well written guide with a lot of solid pointers.
Great simple guide. Only fools ignore it.
Must read!
Used this guide as the bible to my FreeNAS build. Helped me pick out my HBA based on whats tried and proven.
Great summary of many potential gotchas and excellent explanations of the recommendations
Nice complete guide to get you started.
Some great information right there, thank you.
The Guide was very helpful for me. I have my system build and running. Thanks a lot!
A good primer for newcomers
Cyberjock knows his stuff, very much appreciate the articles he has posted
Lot of time went into gathering great information. Not an easy task. Helps out a lot of newer FreeNAS users. This reduces the headaches people have by reducing time to search and improves reliability of hardware to buy.
A must read for sourcing proper hardware for the most recent versions of FreeNAS!
Thank you so much. I was going through lot of old forum articles to understand more on building a good NAS. This gives a better start.
Well written and to the point. Thank you for this important document. Extremely helpful.