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FreeNAS and Samba (SMB) permissions (Video)

FreeNAS and Samba (SMB) permissions (Video)

This is a topic that keeps coming up, new users get confused with a multitude of different options when configuring a Samba (CIFS) share in FreeNAS. I've created two video's, the first demonstrates how to set-up a Samba share which can be accessed by multiple users, allowing each user to read/write to the dataset, the second tackles advanced permissions.

(Also apologies, I may talk a lot in this video. I've tried to keep it as short as possible).

FreeNAS and Samba (SMB) permissions

Advanced Samba (SMB) permissions on FreeNAS

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This seems is a nice simple resource, should work great, but for whatever reason when I do these steps I get blocked at the windows login prompt, and Im sure my credentials are correct so I don't know why it refuses to work.
An excellent introduction that helps a beginner like myself figure out the subtleties of the user/group/share relationship.
Great video, however if m0nkey can do an updated one for 11.2 that would be awesome :)
Just awesome
As a person with very little knowledge, with this kinda stuff, I found myself getting frustrated with this video, thank you for providing something, just, basic enough for a person like myself, to get freenas working, once again thank you very much.
server is working perfectly. :0-)-=
I've found this very helpful recently. Thank you very much.
Everything you need to know and see to make sure you can map shares from your FreeNAS inside Windows.
Awesome, explains and helps a lot. Thanks!
Easy to follow and allows the user to avoid easy pitfalls.
Hi M0nkey, thanks for your perfect video! It took me a day to figure out that Samba permissions must be configured on a client PC instead of the NAS itself. Strange way to configure, but it's working. When you upgrade this video, it would be helpfull to mention in the beginning that FreeNAS can't change SMB permissions on it's own. Next thing to do is investigate some time to get these permissions executed in Linux. Again, perfect tutorial!!!

King regards, sourcefinder (The Netherlands).