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FN11.3 iocage jails - Plex, Tautulli, Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, Jackett, Transmission, Organizr

All supported jails have been tested with the 11.3-RELEASE template. No changes are required other then changing that out in the initial create command. I will be updating the actual commands after the update has been out for a little bit longer.
Updated to include commands relevant to recent package updates.
I've re added sabnzbd however I do not use nzbs so I have no way to test it other then seeing the application is accessible via the web interface as such it is under unsupported.
Added changes for 11.2
Ombi is no longer supported as Ombi 2.x is no longer being developed actively and Ombi 3.x is not usable until there is proper support for .net-core on FreeBSD
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Added Lidarr and moved headphones to end
Update sabnzbd to iocage, update jackett rc file
Optional steps to change plex to the latest FreeBSD update repo for faster updates to plex.
updated transmission directions to iocage
Most jails have been updated to easy setups with iocage. Transmission is on hold due to an issue with openvpn not being able to properly create tun devices in iocage jails. nzbget and saznzbd will be updated at a later date.