What to Expect From an Internship at iXsystems


April 25, 2023


Earlier this year we shared a blog post on what it’s like working at iX, but did you know iX is also a great place to be if you are an Intern? The following post along with the video below were written and created by our Interns to share their experiences. I started as an intern at iX before becoming a full-fledged Marketing Associate. I’d like to share my experiences so future Interns can know what to expect when working at iXsystems.

iX is different, and one thing that sets it apart is that Interns work on real projects alongside full-time experts to make a visible impact on the company overall. Interns get a meaningful, hands-on experience (both the company and the Interns benefit most this way). Internships have become a big advantage to students when competing for early-career roles. Naturally, iX hopes to hire Interns as employees once they graduate, and what better way to build for the future than involving Interns in work that grows our company?

Gain Real Hands-On Experience.
The best way to learn is by applying skills in a workplace environment. That’s why I was offered the chance to go from textbook to real life starting from day one. Throughout my internship, I took part in actual projects that carried weight and contributed to my team’s success. This active participation not only helps develop technical skills but also fosters confidence and competence that are necessary to excel in any future career.

Find Roles You Truly Enjoy.
I appreciate that iX honors the fact that Interns are here to learn first and foremost, and considers our success as their success too. My supervisors and managers invested time and energy into me, helping me find roles I genuinely enjoyed. They understood that Interns come to the company with varying levels of knowledge. Each person is unique, with different strengths and areas in which they can grow. At iX, your team will work closely with you to create a dynamic program that evolves as your skills grow. It’s this personal touch that has allowed young professionals like myself to maximize their potential and ensure they get the most out of their internship experience.

An Environment that Honors and Cultivates Curiosity.
The company culture has encouraged me to be an eager learner and explore new things because iX has created an environment that honors and cultivates curiosity. I was always encouraged to ask questions, explore different aspects of my chosen field, and take on challenges outside my comfort zone. This kind of environment fostered creativity and innovation and inspired growth, both personally and professionally in me.

Opportunities Outside the Office.
One of the most exciting and unique aspects of this internship has been the opportunities outside of the office. I have had the chance to travel and attend trade shows and conferences as well as industry and company events. This has allowed me to experience the latest trends and technologies in my field, and network with professionals in the industry. The best part is, I got real user and customer facetime which equipped me to understand and apply their points of view in my work.

Make a Real Impact.
Finally, I know that I have made a real impact on iXsystems. The company currently has a little over 200 employees and continues to grow. Two of our core values, bootstrapped mindset and the continuous pursuit of kaizen offer everyone equal space to share their ideas and insights. The recognition I have received for my hard work has always validated my efforts and given me tangible results of my success. I am grateful for my time as an intern at iX.

Want to hear more about the Intern experience at iX? Watch the video below and listen to what our former and current Interns have to say. You can also check out our careers page to see available positions.

Charlotte Whitmer
Marketing Associate

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