TrueNAS Awarded ‘Excellent’ and ‘Best in Class Hardware’ by DCIG | FreeNAS 10.0 Preview | Issue #20

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In case you hadn’t heard the exciting news, our TrueNAS appliance was ranked “Excellent” by DCIG in their latest Buyer’s Guide. This month, we take a look at the progress we’ve made on the project and what’s planned for FreeNAS 10.0.

The FreeNAS Team
TrueNAS Awarded “Excellent” by DCIG
DCIG rated TrueNAS “Excellent” in its recent DCIG Small and Midsize Enterprise Hybrid Storage Buyer’s Guide. Of particular note, the analysts gave TrueNAS “Best-in-Class” for hardware and “Excellent” for the software category. Read more >>
6 Reasons Why TrueNAS is replacing NetApp and EMC – Free Webinar
We invite you to join Matt Olander, Co-Founder of iXsystems, in a free webinar about TrueNAS. Find out why people are making the switch from big-name, legacy storage vendors to TrueNAS. Read more >>

FreeBSD Journal
The History (and Future) of FreeNAS & TrueNAS
Jordan Hubbard, iXsystems CTO and FreeNAS Project Manager, recounted the history of FreeNAS and TrueNAS in a recent blog post. For a look at all of the progress that’s been made and a preview of FreeNAS 10.0, read more on our site.
Snapshot and Replication Setup
One of our storage engineers recorded a demonstration for setting up snapshot and replication tasks in TrueNAS 9.3. The video is very easy to follow and since the UI is based on FreeNAS, we thought FreeNAS users would find it useful too. Check it out >>
FreeNAS Certification Classes
We offer a free Intro to FreeNAS class that runs every day. For those of you interested in learning more about advanced topics, we also offer paid, fully interactive classes. Read more >>
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TechTip #16
The FreeNAS Web Interface supports HTTPS. If you’re going to be administering FreeNAS remotely, you can set up a certificate and secure your traffic.
Join the Team
iXsystems, the company that sponsors FreeNAS, is looking for a few good people to join our team. Interested? The full list of available positions can be found on our website.
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