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There are lots of ways to get help with FreeNAS®. Whether you are a hobbyist or an aspiring storage engineer, you are probably familiar with the FreeNAS Handbook, Forums, Blogs, Videos and IRC channel as sources of help when you need it. These self-serve resources work well for many users but tend to focus on the “what” of your problem at hand, rather than the broader “why” of what you are trying to achieve. If a solid grounding in the “why” of FreeNAS is just as important to you as the “what”, then iX University professional training is for you. iX University is a series of online training modules presented by FreeNAS expert Michael Dexter that are designed to quickly get you up to speed on the key concepts and techniques that will help you become an expert in FreeNAS and OpenZFS. Each training module is topic-specific, under an hour in length, and cuts directly to the core of the information you need to master the “why” and “what” of the topic. Study the modules you need, on your own schedule.

The training modules include:

Module 101: Introduction to FreeNAS

(Free, 30 Minutes)

Are you new to FreeNAS or are you experienced and just need a refresher to help your knowledge click? This module is designed to familiarize you with the features of FreeNAS and provide an overview of the OpenZFS file system. In this course you will learn about:

  • FreeNAS’ many capabilities and protocols
  • OpenZFS Basics: Checksums, snapshots, replication, compression, protection from data corruption, and more
  • OpenZFS vs. Hardware RAID
  • Best practices for your storage layout
  • Best practices to avoid data loss



Take this module to get all the practical information you need in order to set up and configure a new FreeNAS system. In this course you will learn to:

  • Use the FreeNAS Wizard for initial configuration.
  • Navigate the FreeNAS administrative interface.
  • Determine which ZFS RAID level best meets your storage requirements.
  • Select and use file shares.
  • Understand the directory services that are supported by FreeNAS.
  • Perform basic management tasks.
  • Settings and configuration best practices.


(AVAILABLE FEBRUARY, 2017)  (Module 102 is required)

This course provides a deep dive into FreeNAS and OpenZFS. It is recommended for users who want to get more out of their FreeNAS system. In this module, we will cover advanced setup options and storage admin scenarios.

Sign up now for Module 101: Introduction to FreeNAS at to get started with your FreeNAS education. We will also notify you when new modules become available.


  1. Charlie Capone

    How can I take the FreeNAS & OpenZFS Training and what costs are associated with this training. I hold A+, I net and I net + MCP Windows NT 4 and Novell administrator. I have freenas server built and want to learn more.

  2. Mike

    When will Module 102 be open for registration?

    Thank you!

    • Annie Zhang

      Hi Mike,

      We plan to release module 102 very soon.

  3. Roberto Dimas

    I would like to participate in the trainning sessions


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