#ServerEnvy: Xeon Developer Workstation

Every so often, we get asked whether we sell desktops.

Yes. Yes, we do.

We don’t get many requests for them but just like our servers, we can custom build a desktop suitable for each client’s use case and they go through the same testing and burn-in process as our servers.

In fact, check out this custom desktop a client recently ordered from us.

This particular desktop will be used for development and is outfitted with 256 GB of SSD storage and a 6-core Intel Xeon CPU. The motherboard currently holds 4GB of RAM but supports up to 64 GB.

In a typical build, we would burn-in the OS but the client planned to do the installation themselves so we left that part alone and proceeded to test the hardware with the same stress test we use on our servers and TrueNAS arrays.

Interested in having us build a system like this for you? Give us a call at 1.800.GREP.4.iX or drop us a line at sales@ixsystems.com and let’s see what we can do for you.

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  1. Zach Villers

    That is a thing of beauty. Throw in some spinning platters for a raidz2 and ship it!

  2. Ben Adams

    I think it is great iX sells workstations, we need more FreeBSD-friendly options.

    Question: Why are workstations not listed as a product on the iX website? And, for that matter why are there no prices or estimates listed either? It would be nice to know how much various options were likely to cost. Having a “build you own” option like System76 or ThinkPengun have would go a long way to making iX workstations a more attractive option.

  3. Will B

    Very nice. Wish I had known sooner. I was in the market for a workstation, looked at your site and didn’t see (obvious) mention of them. Hopefully next time…

  4. Mark

    Looks awesome! Will this be a PC-BSD workstation?

  5. Alex

    Specs please?


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