Requesting Software for 8.1 Plugin System

Beginning with 8.1, FreeNAS will support the installation of software packages through the use of a plugin system. These packages will be in the form of PBIs (Push Button Installers) which is the packaging system used by PC-BSD.

There is a PBI forum where you can request the creation of PBIs. If there is an application that you’d like to see available for FreeNAS 8.1, read the README on the PBI Request Forum first as it contains instructions for determining if a PBI already exists and, if it does not, how to request that a PBI be created. More information about how the PBI request process works can be found in the PC-BSD Handbook.

If you’re interested in trying to create your own PBI, use the instructions in this page of the PC-BSD Handbook. It is important to note that the PBI format will be changing between versions 8.x and 9.x. If you are interested in creating a PBI for FreeNAS 8.1, follow the 8.x instructions.


  1. Steven Klimasewski

    I would love to see PLEX Media server as a plugin on FreeNAS, that would be absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work guys love FreeNAS!

  2. Steven Klimasewski

    I would love to see PLEX Media Server on FreeNAS, that would be absolutely amazing! I currently use my setup for both redundant backup and for movie storage so that would work perfectly!

  3. Stephen Matthews

    i’d like to see Plex as well. it’s been said theres too little demand for it, but there are a lot of people out there wishing for it to happen

  4. weakgame

    I have a server that has to download all my media, then has to be on to update that media for the client. It would be nice to turn the server off so that only the nas that stores the media needs to be on. I would still need/want to acquire media though the server.

  5. Michael Horn

    Plex Please


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