Playing with /dev/speaker

I’ve started to compile FreeNSD on FreeBSD AMD64 (my QEMU is still compiling the software used on FreeNAS).
And I found, for the moment, two problems:

===> aaccli depends on executable: aaccli – not found
===> aaccli-1.0 you need the 32-bit libraries installed under /usr/lib32 to use this port..
===> beep depends on executable: beep – not found
===> beep-1.0 is only for i386, and you are running amd64..

And, in my quest for a solution to solve the FreeBSD port of”beep”, I found that this tools can be removed without problem 😉

Here is example of using /dev/speaker device (you need to do a “kldload speaker.ko” before):
echo geL2eL4fdL2dL4cdefggg > /dev/speaker

“l12cdccdc> /dev/speaker
echo “T250L8CE-GE-C” > /dev/speaker

Then I can remove the ‘beep’ tools now, but I must found the equivalence to this old command:
beep -p 500 75
beep -p 1000 75
beep -p 2000 75
beep -p 3000 75

My actual equivalence is:
echo “O1L15aO2L15bO3L15cO4L15d” > /dev/speaker

Is someone can propose a better equivalence ?

Games open 😉


  1. James

    Played with it a bit. Couldn’t hit the frequencies exactly.

    echo “O3L30cO4L30cO5L30cO5L30g” > /dev/speaker

    Can easily go above or below the pure pitch values, but I didn’t see a way to hit dead on.

  2. Olivier

    This is a better sound!
    Thanks 😉


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