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Sequential Scrub and Resilver


Beginning with the release of FreeNAS 11.1, the algorithm used for scrubs and resilvers received many performance improvements, most noticeable on fragmented pools.

Issue: Legacy Behavior

Some users might wish to revert to the old algorithm for scrub and resilver.

Fix: Revert to Old Behavior

The legacy scrub algorithm can be enabled by setting this sysctl tunable in the Shell console:

sysctl -w vfs.zfs.zfs_scan_legacy=1

Note: if a scrub is already in progress, it can be paused, then the tunable set, and the scrub resumed with these commands:

zpool scrub -p poolname

sysctl -w vfs.zfs.zfs_scan_legacy=1

zpool scrub poolname

Issue: System Load During Scrubs or Resilvers

In FreeNAS 11.1 and 11.1-U1, resilver and scrub delays were both set to 0. This can keep the system too busy to do other work when a scrub or resilver is active.

Fix: Adjust Scrub and Silver Delay Settings 

Two sysctl tunables affect scrub and resilver speed and system availability:



Setting the resilver delay to 2 and the scrub delay to 4 limits the IOPS used for these functions, providing some reserve for normal operations:

sysctl vfs.zfs.resilver_delay=2

sysctl vfs.zfs.scrub_delay=4

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