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FreeNAS 11.2-U5

The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the availability of the fifth update to FreeNAS 11.2. This bug fix release includes several fixes for security vulnerabilities.

Users of 11.2 systems are encouraged to update to 11.2-U5 using the instructions in the Guide.

Known Issues

OAuth Cloud Credentials support will be added to the new UI in 11.3. For 11.2-U5, the legacy UI can be used to automatically populate credentials for supported cloud providers.

When configuring Microsoft OneDrive Cloud, OAuth populates all of the credentials except for the “Drive ID”. To determine the Drive ID, log into https://onedrive.live.com/about/en-us/, copy the string after cid= from the browser address bar, and enter that value as the Drive ID. This bug will be fixed for 11.2-U6.

The hubiC cloud service has suspended creation of new accounts.

Amazon Cloud Drive is known to be broken and may be removed from a future release.

The Mega cloud service is currently broken. The new version of rclone which fixes this will be available in 11.3.

As an edge case, if you install another instance of an already installed plugin and that plugin installation fails, the cleanup from the failure will also delete the dataset for the first installation of that plugin. As a workaround until this is fixed in 11.3, it is recommended that users wanting to install another version of an installed plugin perform the installation from the CLI, using the -k switch:

iocage fetch -P -n PLUGIN_NAME -k RESTOFPARAMS

New Features

  • [NAS-101971] – Add Asigra to Plugins index
  • [NAS-102147] – Add OAuth Cloud Credentials support to legacy UI


  • [NAS-101244] – Point Guide link to version of online Guide that matches running version
  • [NAS-101506] – Update system dataset error messages
  • [NAS-101545] – Update Python to 3.6.8
  • [NAS-101586] – Update ixnas VFS module information in Guide
  • [NAS-101587] – Update System Dataset tooltip in new UI and entry in Guide
  • [NAS-101604] – Add ability to refresh Plugins INDEX using the API
  • [NAS-101617] – Improve wording used in quota alert
  • [NAS-101639] – Add vfs_noacl module to Samba
  • [NAS-101655] – Remove deprecated upgrading note from Guide
  • [NAS-101678] – Update Python to 2.7.16
  • [NAS-101679] – Update libgcrypt to 1.8.3 to address CVE-2018-0495
  • [NAS-101680] – Update Perl to 5.26.2 to address several vulnerabilities
  • [NAS-101681] – Update libnghttp2 to 1.31.1 to address CVE-2018-1000168
  • [NAS-101802] – Update AMD CPU temperature driver
  • [NAS-101819] – Improve wording of alerts
  • [NAS-101854] – Increase performance when creating/destroying a pool with many disks
  • [NAS-101878] – Add Intel MDS mitigation to address FreeBSD-SA-19:07
  • [NAS-101890] – Add reset layout button to pool manager of new UI
  • [NAS-101954] – Add top -w output to debug
  • [NAS-101972] – Update fr-fr localization
  • [NAS-101973] – Update zh-hant localization
  • [NAS-101974] – Begin de-de localization
  • [NAS-102154] – Optimize kern.geom.conf* sysctls performance on large systems
  • [NAS-102198] – Update Samba to 4.9.9 to address CVE-2019-12435
  • [NAS-102232] – Mention in Guide that hubiC cloud service has suspended new account creation


  • [NAS-100735] – Fix bug that prevented hard drives from entering standby
  • [NAS-100807] – Raise an error in new UI when wrong passphrase is input during pool unlock
  • [NAS-101086] – Fix issue with selecting iSCSI Authorized Group in new UI
  • [NAS-101184] – Only use df plugin when reporting is stored on RAM disk and there are less than 100 datasets
  • [NAS-101445] – Use middleware job to apply default permissions on an existing dataset to avoid timeouts
  • [NAS-101524] – Fix resizable error dialog issue in new UI
  • [NAS-101525] – Improve iocage fstab validation
  • [NAS-101531] – Add more validation when removing iocage mount point
  • [NAS-101541] – Align checkboxes in new UI with the center of their labels
  • [NAS-101588] – Do not alert for a disabled Alert Service
  • [NAS-101592] – Fix bug in legacy UI wizard that prevented edits from being saved
  • [NAS-101623] – Use dashes instead of underscores for iocage hostnames
  • [NAS-101644] – Ensure multi-delete in new UI returns any error messages
  • [NAS-101660] – Fix snapshot query in new UI
  • [NAS-101685] – Default to fruit:nfs_aces = no so that SMB permissions changes are accessible when copied to Mac
  • [NAS-101717] – Fix legacy Create Replication Task API
  • [NAS-101745] – Fix array out of bound panic in oce(4) driver
  • [NAS-101752] – Fix unblock_source traceback when creating a large pool
  • [NAS-101753] – Fix traceback when processing alerts
  • [NAS-101755] – Fix “type of undefined” error in Jails -> Mount Points of new UI
  • [NAS-101757] – Fix cloud sync legacy UI Javascript escaping bug
  • [NAS-101760] – Allow dots in iocage jail name
  • [NAS-101762] – Move cachetool to middleware job
  • [NAS-101778] – Allow getting disktemp for non-fatal smartctl exit statuses
  • [NAS-101787] – Fix blocked event loop for alerts
  • [NAS-101788] – Configure tw_cli to not send empty daily security email alerts
  • [NAS-101790] – Silence unnecessary NetData disk and udp alarms
  • [NAS-101796] – Fix issue with atime field in new UI
  • [NAS-101798] – Use onerestart for smartd
  • [NAS-101808] – Fix regression with /var/log/messages being stored on tmpfs by default
  • [NAS-101818] – Stop granting Samba privileges to local users for standalone servers
  • [NAS-101823] – Fix glitch in Alert Services tab of legacy UI
  • [NAS-101826] – Do not crash replication script on misconfigured SSH connection
  • [NAS-101841] – List available updates in new UI when update page is accessed and Check for Updates is selected
  • [NAS-101863] – Fix bug when enabling NFSv4
  • [NAS-101873] – Fix bug in custom-upssched-cmd
  • [NAS-101879] – Ensure WebDAV configuration files are generated when service is updated or started
  • [NAS-101895] – Fix iocage ‘with invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘None” traceback
  • [NAS-101944] – Ensure VMware snapshot quiesces VMs
  • [NAS-101997] – Fix serialport traceback in legacy UI Wizard
  • [NAS-102035] – Fix HipChat and SNMP Trap fields in legacy webUI
  • [NAS-102043] – Fix traceback when creating large pool
  • [NAS-102081] – Fix traceback when wiping disk
  • [NAS-102151] – More fixes for creating and deleting huge pools
  • [NAS-102162] – Fix “ValidationErrors object has no attribute check” traceback
  • [NAS-102221] – Fix bug that caused Cloud Sync Task to incorrectly state that it failed

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