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FreeNAS 11.2-U3

The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the availability of the third update to FreeNAS 11.2. This is a bug fix release.

Users of 11.2 systems are encouraged to update to 11.2-U3 using the instructions in the Guide.

Known Issues

We have tried our best to get iOS Safari to work properly with WebSockets over HTTPS but it appears to be an upstream Safari issue that only affects iOS devices. Until Apple resolves the issue, it is recommended to either use a different browser for HTTPS connections from iOS or, if security is not an issue, to use an HTTP connection from the iOS device.


31986 Bug Update tooltip for UPS Port in new UI to include monitoring UPS over SNMP
38978 Feature Add support for NVMe device replacement
44889 Umbrella Move strings from typescript files into helptext files
45123 Feature Move strings from Accounts section into helptext files
45134 Feature Move strings from System section typescript files into helptext files
45178 Feature Move strings from Directory Services section into helptext files
46678 Bug Improve Dashboard loading time in new UI
48295 Bug Use visible resize handles and min/max column sizes in new UI
52450 Bug Force entity forms in new UI to load at full-width of their containing card
58392 Bug Add ZFS feature flag information to Guide
58437 Bug Add back CPU temperature graphs to Reporting in new UI
59649 Feature Add Autostart column and start/stop slider to State column of Virtual Machines in new UI
59688 Bug Show console messages in new UI without having to scroll
59904 Bug Properly invalidate browser cache after updating from new UI
61236 Bug Do not crash rrd_toggle when switching to tmpfs
61785 Bug Hide pool column in new UI until middleware is complete
61992 Bug Align pool action buttons in new UI
62874 Bug Add Network Summary to new UI
63153 Bug Separate ARC reclamation threads to prevent blocking disk I/O under heavy use
64410 Feature Mention correct zdb cache path for non-boot pools in Guide
65013 Bug Ignore utf-8 decoding errors that prevent SMART service from starting
65214 Bug Add train refresh button to Update page of new UI
65754 Bug Fix Y-axis labels in network report of new UI
65904 Bug Only populate dataset/snapshot task list in new UI with unique values
65952 Bug Combine UPS hostname and port into a single combobox in new UI
66430 Bug Clarify replication process in Guide
66520 Bug Convert CPU temperature values from deci-Kelvin to Celsius in new UI
67305 Feature Add ability to set rancher user password in new UI VM wizard
67359 Bug Make it clear in new UI that password is always needed if SMTP auth is selected
67494 Feature Expose jail securelevel in new UI
67870 Bug Rework Domain Controller and Global Catalog Server field descriptions in Guide
68268 Bug Remove total column from memory graph in reporting
68932 Bug Bring in FreeBSD sesutil fixes
69076 Feature Add ticket link when using Support page of new UI
69157 Bug Use new websocket call that supports displaying signed certificates in System -> General of new UI
69186 Bug Remove LUN ID auto-assign from new UI
69607 Bug Add note to Guide explaining common rclone sync error
69625 Bug Update tooltips for Init/Shutdown fields in new UI and Guide
69663 Bug Fix button label for extending a pool in new UI
69672 Bug Allow CDROM step to be skipped in VM wizard of new UI
69681 Bug Add hard drive type to VM wizard of new UI
69688 Bug Add option to select which IP to bind VNC to for virtual machines in new UI
69760 Bug Allow blank value for Cloud Sync pass or key_file field in new UI
70140 Bug Fix spurious warning about bridge capabilities
70399 Bug Fix ripple effects for checkboxes and radio buttons in new UI
70426 Bug Adjust size of entity tables in new UI
70435 Bug Require a mountpoint on parent iocage dataset
70464 Bug Remove Samba panic action
70527 Feature Add multipath page to new UI
70545 Bug Replace Guide example that refers to re0 with igb0
70581 Bug Improve iSCSI validation for portals and initiators
70723 Bug Add dataset force and recursive delete support to API
70770 Bug Fix incorrectly ported LAGG alert
70840 Bug Sort VFS Objects alphabetically in new UI
70858 Bug Add Advanced Settings to S3 Cloud Credentials in new UI
71013 Bug Improve VM wizard in new UI
71038 Feature Display DHCP prefix for DHCP iocage jails in new UI
71130 Bug Fix bug in manual volume creation in legacy UI
71147 Bug Allow dashes, periods, and underscores in group name in new UI
71169 Bug Add load spinner to new UI user page
71281 Bug Allow . as valid character in username field of new UI
71443 Bug Fix devname traceback when selecting an iSCSI device
71619 Bug Display warning in new UI that deleting a dataset or zvol will also delete associated snapshots
71761 Bug Add ability to change the boot scrub interval in the new UI
71939 Feature Add port numbers to entries in Directory Services -> Encryption Mode drop-down menu
71955 Bug Correctly set kern.corefile
72011 Bug Automatically enable zfsacl if sysvol supports NFSv4 ACLs
72025 Bug Fix dataset creation in new UI for pools with a number in their name
72057 Bug If domain controller is enabled, use the DNS forwarder when installing a plugin
72123 Bug Add API endpoint for updating boot scrub interval value
72313 Bug Style button on pool decrypt page of new UI
72529 Bug Add snapshot name and creation time to rollback dialog of new UI
72553 Bug Adjust lock icon in new UI to reflect the lock state of the pool
72571 Bug Do not set SAN in the subject of CSRs and certificates in the legacy UI
72627 Bug Create a snapshot when updating an iocage jail
72635 Bug Fix formatting tags in new UI tooltips
72681 Bug Fix new UI form validation issue in iSCSI Authorized Accesses
72729 Feature Add API for viewing and managing multipaths
72745 Bug Fix error messages during boot that are caused by checking the “Unix Extensions” checkbox in AD
72755 Bug Unify term for “Docker Host” Virtual Machines in new UI
72761 Bug Fix offline and online operations for encrypted disks
72838 Bug Correct new UI error message for VM zvol on umounted mount point
72865 Bug Fix duplicated “Allow Only Guest Access” option in new UI
72892 Bug Fix label key_props for VM table in new UI
73054 Bug Add force parameter to iocage stop
73200 Feature Store copyright date as a variable
73254 Bug Fix save button when editing a jail with DHCP in new UI
73290 Bug Fix issue with displaying VNC option in new UI
73351 Bug Hide footer text in new UI if there are no rows
73371 Bug Fix sort order of drives in dashboard of new UI
73441 Bug Prevent setting vfs.zfs.arc_max to lower than vfs.zfs.arc_min
73650 Bug Add Access Based Share Enumeration checkbox to new UI
73657 Bug Fix ordering issue to allow recycle bin across ZFS datasets
73695 Bug Password fix for Dynamic DNS
73702 Bug Lighten logo on reboot/shutdown pages of new UI
73917 Bug Remove setting vm.kmem_size from autotuner and purge previously set values
73935 Bug Allow non-word characters in pool/dataset/zvol names in APIv1
74011 Bug Remove duplicate VM add option in wizard and menus of new UI
74056 Bug Update labels and help text for Security field in System -> Email of new UI
74079 Bug Properly display numerous iSCSI associated targets in new UI
74136 Bug Make labels more concise in VM wizard
74217 Bug Improve dosmode handling in ixnas module
74262 Bug Set appropriate permissions on .recycle directory
74298 Bug Fix issues with High Contrast theme in new UI
74353 Bug Restart nginx after editing SSL certificate
74397 Bug Fix incorrect usage percentage for zvol
74686 Bug Change “Container Provider” to a single constant defined as “Docker Host”
74848 Bug Fix shell errors when Active Directory is enabled but not working
74911 Bug Optimize reading and writing ACLs in Samba
74938 Bug Display warning in new UI when starting the Domain Controller service with Active Directory monitoring enabled
75019 Bug Fix resetting root password from netcli
75046 Bug When selecting a vdev in Pool Manager of new UI, also select its disks
75208 Bug Fix units for iSCSI reporting graph in new UI
75306 Bug IOCAGE_PLUGIN_IP now works with DHCP
75361 Bug Update dns/mDNSResponder_nss to fix proftpd crash
75397 Bug Update default list of sysctl and loader tunables in Guide
75415 Bug Fix error message on idmap form of new UI
75423 Bug Adjust VM name validator in new UI to not allow spaces
75631 Feature Display update percentage in new UI as an integer
75675 Bug Add TFTP host option to new UI
75766 Bug Fix “Change User & Group Ownership” WebDAV option in new UI
75829 Bug Remove unsupported replication ciphers
75873 Feature Add support for nested ZFS datasets via shadow_copy_zfs vfs module
75883 Bug Fix “valid users” parameter for [homes] in Samba 4.9
75945 Bug Correct bad validation for iocage hostid_strict_check
75991 Bug Fix recursive dependency for mail aliases
76027 Bug Update init/shutdown ix* scripts
76089 Bug Use netstat -in in freenas-debug
76126 Bug Use arp -an in freenas-debug
76162 Bug When detaching a pool only stop jails on that pool
76215 Bug Add product name and hostname to alerts email
76243 Bug Convert 1M to 1024K for use within new UI
76269 Bug Fix guest account intialization in read-only LDAP environments
76278 Bug Fix issue when deleting iSCSI extent in new UI
76360 Bug Update tooltip in legacy UI to indicate that only ASCII is allowed for email password
76386 Bug Allow multiple SMB shares to have same path but prevent multiple shares with same name
76396 Bug Do not set SAN in the subject of CSRs and certificates in the new UI
76531 Bug Do not poll for temperature on drives with SMART disabled
76639 Bug Display available certificates in System -> General -> GUI SSL Certificate drop-down list
76657 Bug Fix pool free percentage in new UI
76674 Bug Ensure menus open on pool manager page of new UI
76701 Bug Add back restart VM option to new UI
76747 Bug Make new UI dialog larger and expandable when displaying backtrace
76765 Bug Remove empty vertical scrollbars from new UI and fix text that is too dark for some themes
76773 Bug Adjust entity tables to prevent double vertical scrollbars in new UI
76864 Bug Fix traceback when mounting a jail path which contains a space
76918 Bug Remove scrollbars from all sidenav (collapsed) dropdowns, except System, in new UI
77089 Bug Fix isues with init/shutdown scripts
77097 Bug Do not list unavailable disks when replacing a disk
77106 Bug Fix SMART service startup on systems with lots of disks
77206 Bug Properly display vnc web url when host uses an IPv6 address
77224 Bug Ensure replication variables are stripped of leading/trailing whitespace
77305 Bug Add missing import that prevented editing iocage mount points in new UI
77313 Bug Add support for “write owner” ACE
77341 Bug Always use upsmon as primary indicator of UPS service status
77368 Bug Bug fix for multipath
77412 Bug Fix prepending root directory for non-bucket cloud sync remote paths
77494 Bug Remove unnecessary eol call when fetching a missing RELEASE for a plugin
77539 Bug Workaround EOF error when fetching a plugin on a clean system
77602 Bug Fix new UI tooltip for extending a pool
77646 Bug Add to isp(4) tunables to limit MSI/MSI-X usage for older cards
77701 Bug Ensure iocage does not treat stdout being closed as a tty
77709 Bug Fix color problems on dark themes in new UI
77764 Bug Fix logic for getting serial port for VMs in new UI
77790 Bug Update net/zerotier to 1.2.12-1
78097 Bug Ensure iocage uses pathlib to accurately track if freebsd-version exists
78132 Bug Fix idmap settings for LDAP
78150 Feature Improve Jails and Shell icons in new UI
78205 Bug Set train on update.update call
78231 Bug Fix upgrade from installer
78906 Bug Initial localization for fr-fr
78951 Bug Fix regression that prevented user creation without setting email address
79311 Bug Fix iocage naming conflicts
79320 Bug Fix iocage traceback by grabbing the first index for enabled DC
79482 Bug Fix but that prevented the removal of snapshot tasks from SMB shares
79527 Bug Do not create duplicate plugin during installation
79860 Bug Merge some ZFS-on-SSD performance optimizations from FreeBSD
80319 Bug Merge from FreeBSD fix for deadlock in ZFS IO pipeline
81201 Bug Add pool row IDs for icons in new UI
81471 Bug Fix execute bit on generate_sssd_conf.py script
82002 Bug Initial localization for zh-hant
82011 Bug Initial localization for zh-hans
82650 Bug Be safer on rm(1) usages
82939 Bug Pass in cascade in new UI regardless of deletion status
83491 Bug Correctly display plugin post-install messages in new UI


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