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FreeNAS 11.2-U2

The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the availability of the second update to FreeNAS 11.2. This bug fix release addresses the following security vulnerabilities:

Samba has been updated to 4.9.4 which is the current stable release receiving new features. This version bump provides significant performance improvements as well as improved Time Machine over SMB support.

The Enable SMB1 support checkbox has been added to Services ‣ SMB. However, users are cautioned to not use SMB1.

The new web UI has received many bug fixes.

Due to the many security fixes and UI improvements, users of 11.2 systems are encouraged to update to 11.2-U2 using the instructions in the Guide.

Known Impacts

If you receive a “UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘bridge_cmd’ referenced before assignment” error when installing a plugin, click ADVANCED PLUGIN INSTALLATION in the installation screen and select “auto” for the VNET option. To resolve this error when starting a plugin or jail or when installing a jail, click the 3 button menu for that jail, click Edit, click Network Properties, and change the vnet_default_interface property to “auto”. If that does not resolve the issue, try checking and unchecking the DHCP box.

Known Issues

Some users are not able to create iSCSI device extents in the new UI. As a workaround, use the legacy UI to create device extents until the cause is diagnosed and the issue is resolved.

Some SMB sharing edge cases, particularly those using Unix permissions, may become inaccessible with this update. If your SMB share works in RELEASE-U1 but not in U2, enable the ixnas VFS Object for that share in Sharing ‣ Windows (SMB) Shares.


23958 Bug Clarify Guide entry for UPS Port field when SNMP is selected
25705 Bug Use HTTPS for updates
25938 Feature Mimic Windows-style ACLs for NFSv4
27735 Feature Use FreeBSD file flags to store Samba DOS modes
28578 Bug Add Configuring Persistent NFS-Shared Volumes section to Guide
29074 Bug Clarify meaning of cloud sync times
30495 Feature Adjust help text formatting and add ability to pin help text window to screen
32793 Bug Report actual physical (compressed) L2ARC size
33141 Bug Disable broken collectd ipmi plugin
35305 Bug Correct the use of MSDOS in Import Disk section of Guide
40596 Feature Update NFS Share section of Guide
42419 Feature Update AFP section of Guide
42659 Bug Add tip to Guide about configuring AD with two FreeNAS systems
43437 Bug Limit the number of GSS request retries to prevent NFS from hanging
43558 Bug Relax the TCP reassembly queue length limit to improve performance
45156 Feature Move strings from Network section typescript files into helptext files
45167 Feature Move strings from Storage section typescript files into helptext files
45189 Feature Move strings from Sharing section typescript files into helptext files
45211 Feature Move strings from Services section typescript files into helptext files
45244 Feature Move strings from VM section typescript files into helptext files
45398 Feature Add alert if syslog-ng is not running
46168 Bug Use Pool Export/Disconnect instead of Detach in new UI
47092 Bug Update openssh-portable port to 7.9.p1_1,1
50321 Feature Display NAA for Extents in new UI
52182 Bug Fix trailing zeros charts on dashboard of new UI
52532 Feature Add “TiB” as a choice when setting dataset quota/reservation in the new UI
52607 Bug Allow user to select from remote filesystems available to Cloud Sync Task in new UI
53334 Bug Correctly add bpf to devfs rules
53404 Bug Add error handler to get_activated_pool call in new UI
53622 Bug Prevent user from reclicking Submit when reporting a bug using Support page of new UI
53629 Bug Fix percentage status for Import Disk in new UI
53638 Bug Set background color of pool in new UI based on its status
55728 Bug Remove listen queue limit and avoid some DNS requests in mountd
56013 Feature Add “Enable SMB1 support” checkbox to Services -> SMB of new UI
56112 Bug Make Services -> S3 -> Disks a required field
56211 Bug Make iocage import more robust for jails with _1 in their names
56241 Bug Prevent Cloud Sync Tasks from overflowing /mnt
56250 Bug Clarify “Full disk encryption” in Guide
56265 Bug Fix panic with lagg and vlan
56340 Bug Add ability to allocate iocage TUN devices in new UI
56364 Bug Improve error messages that display when the iocage defaults.json file is missing or corrupt
56538 Bug Update swap description in Guide
56556 Bug Use default gateway for iocage mac_prefix or generate one
56607 Bug Do not log space usage statistics for snapshots accessed over .zfs
56610 Bug Mention User Guide location in Support Resources of Guide
56754 Bug Provide read-only access to edit settings page when jail is running
56994 Bug Display the current state of the password show/hide icon
57393 Bug Update vnet_mac entries for networking options of iocage jails in Guide
57492 Bug Fix incorrect middleware usage when editing a jail’s properties in the new UI
57519 Bug Fix APIv1 bug that prevented deletion of a cloned zvol
57543 Feature Add sysutils/kiconvtool to the base system
57555 Bug Do not allow changing UUID of iocage plugin jail
57564 Feature Add ID or Name identifiers to entity-table actions of new UI
57780 Bug Add warning to new UI when changing dataset aclmode from Windows to Unix
57861 Bug Add enumeration to internal sorting for iocage releases
57870 Bug Fix iocage — get -r
57876 Bug Set iocage templates to read/write for json writing then back to readonly
57888 Bug Fix ACL metadata corruption on zfs send/recv
57924 Feature Add “Enable SMB1 support” checkbox to Services -> SMB of legacy UI
58083 Bug Clarify TLS and SSL descriptions in Guide
58158 Bug Correctly return true/false for jail.activate call
58176 Bug Fix race condition in swap pager
58293 Bug Add percentage status to Cloud Sync Tasks in new UI
58371 Bug Properly encode ZFS properties
58695 Bug Rename NextCloud plugin to Nextcloud
58878 Bug Fix orphan VM devices
59121 Bug Store workgroup discovered via LDAP in configuration database
59202 Bug Use UTF by default in iocage exec and console
59226 Bug Properly update reporting graph colors in new UI
59397 Bug Do not require password when making edits to Active Directory form in new UI
59445 Bug Include VLAN parent as possible choice when assigning a NIC to a VM
59481 Bug Avoid dozens of recurring mDNS syscalls
59490 Bug Make invalid fields more visible in new UI
59544 Feature Add lagg support to VMs
59598 Bug Parse devd messages that use “=” as a separator
59625 Bug Fix using synchronous middleware client in asynchronous middleware code
59634 Bug Fix bug in legacy UI wizard that prevented creation of iSCSI targets
59706 Feature Update “Save Config” dialog in new UI
59715 Bug Interpret error message as text strings in new UI
59973 Feature Add reboot option to Manual Update screen of new UI
60057 Bug Fix issue with saved value not being populated in cron permissions component of new UI
60192 Bug Increase 50% capacity recommendation in Guide for a pool hosting iSCSI LUNs
60219 Bug Allow middleware to control swap mirroring on boot disks
60480 Bug Fix hostname in iocage rc.conf and /etc/hosts generation
60543 Bug Destroy leftover snapshot for iocage thick jail creation
60561 Bug Reduce logging verbosity in freenasldap.py
60660 Bug Bump copyright year in motd to 2019
60705 Feature Display downloading progress when creating iocage jail or plugin
60723 Bug Fix memory size reset bug in VM wizard of new UI
60777 Bug Fix mat-option hover and focus having same styles in new UI
60792 Bug Add ability to remove certificate from Active Directory form of new UI
60930 Bug Replace links in tooltips that still point to internal User Guide
60936 Bug Fix bug in Init/Shutdown scripts create and edit modes
61107 Bug Allow promotion of datasets and zvols in new UI
61116 Bug Do not monitor disabled directory services
61188 Bug Add instructions for adding spare devices to an encrypted pool to Guide
61299 Bug Remove mention of dd mode for Rufus in Guide
61323 Bug Update “Replacing an Encrypted Disk” section of Guide
61404 Bug Ensure filesystem tree view is sorted by alphabetical order in new UI
61623 Bug Remove input restrictions on hosts allow and deny on SMB shares
61641 Bug Align pool data tree in new UI
61866 Bug Correct label and tooltip in VM Wizard
62001 Bug Fix bug in Import Disk when a pool is locked
62019 Bug Fix bhyve CVE-2018-17160
62028 Bug Set correct values for quotas in edit mode of new UI
62055 Bug Fix bad sendmail and host_hostname default for new iocage jails
62109 Bug Fix legend analytics causing endless loop if no data
62298 Bug Add support for externally signed certificates to FTP and S3 services
62334 Bug Massive refactor of iocage fstab
62343 Bug Address iocage fstab issues
62361 Bug Migrate users to ‘auto’ with iocage vnet_default_interface
62469 Bug Do not allow changing UUID of iocage plugin jail in new UI
62478 Bug Do not raise SSL invalid alert when SSL is not in use
62550 Bug Position and size tooltips in new UI to stay within margins
62574 Bug Accurately display certificate validity period
62604 Bug Fix iocage restart
62628 Bug Fix ffmpeg issue that prevented transcoding with Emby and Plex plugins
62712 Bug Improve description for VNC Wait to Boot field
62790 Bug Add overflow to content div on confirm dialogs within new UI
62880 Bug Allow devices to be viewed when VM is running in new UI
62892 Bug Disallow import or creation of certificates with key lengths less than 1024
62910 Bug Bug fix for nginx configuration file
62991 Bug Fix ownership of Sonnar and raddar paths to allow these plugins to update
63108 Bug Improve krb5.conf generation and fix some bugs for edge cases
63144 Bug Do not traceback when cloning a VM and snapshot does not exist
63225 Bug Fix installer recommended RAM message
63234 Bug Add Advanced Plugin Installation button to new UI
63306 Bug Destroy network related setup on iocage installation failure
63357 Bug Display disk size in boot pool attach screen of new UI
63360 Bug Make use of new middleware reporting of train descriptions in new UI
63378 Bug Fix MSDOSFS import bug
63402 Bug Use new CTL statistics API for iSCSI reporting graph
63468 Bug Fix AWS S3 Cloud Sync hostname resolving to s3.None.amazonaws.com
63477 Feature Add support for two new checkboxes for S3 Cloud Sync credentials to middleware
63483 Feature Add two new checkboxes for S3 Cloud Sync credentials to new UI
63513 Bug Test for None with iocage r[n]in filters
63522 Bug Catch iocage subprocess exception
63630 Bug Optimize background image in login screen of new UI
63636 Bug Delay initial check for updates til necessary values are filled in new UI
63639 Bug Fix traceback on alertservice.update
63693 Bug Use Added isReady to display pre-populated Jail Edit fields for iOS
63816 Bug Update base OpenSSL to 1.0.2q
63837 Bug Fix handling of LDAP error messages in Directory Service wizard
64005 Bug Use root-level dataset available size value instead of raw size in new UI
64071 Bug Update curl to 7.62.0
64080 Bug Fix ‘iocage fetch’ sorting
64089 Bug Clarify Start on Boot option in Guide
64215 Bug Fix trusted domain users/groups error message in legacy UI
64251 Bug Speed up pool.query for hundreds of datasets
64323 Bug Do not capitalize iocage fetch RELEASE for local directories or custom mirrors
64341 Bug Fix bug when creating additional iocage epair devices
64350 Bug Properly set MTU on all iocage vnet interfaces
64482 Bug Allow for spaces in snapshot names
64530 Bug Fix traceback when updating dataset in new UI
64557 Bug Clarify in Guide how plugins and jails are updated or upgraded from the CLI
64563 Bug Allow zvol creation in new UI without specifying the Block Size
64575 Bug Handle traceback when pool not found
64599 Bug Generate SMART config on manual service start
64647 Bug Fix mismatching RELEASEs being fetched and a couple other iocage bugs
64656 Bug Fix traceback when stopping a VM
64716 Bug Suppress default Netdata RAM usage warning
64728 Bug Correctly display available and used space for datasets in new UI
64764 Bug Clean up IPv4 field in legacy UI when DHCP is checked
64935 Bug Fix download link in Guide
65052 Bug Use correct permissions for /var/log/netdata/debug.log
65139 Bug Display VM’s VNC port number in new UI
65187 Bug Fix FreeBSD-EN-18:18.zfs
65205 Bug Accurately display ZFS vdev statistics in UI
65220 Bug Update plugins example in Guide so that it matches screenshot
65247 Feature Add “Date Created” column to Storage –> Snapshots of new UI
65376 Bug Allow middleware startup on low-performance boot devices
65544 Bug Do not start S3 service at boot if ‘Start Automatically’ is not checked
65949 Bug Allow Windows 10 and Server 2019 to pass security check during SMB connect
66033 Bug Add warning when using Manual Setup in legacy UI for volume creation
66048 Bug Improve validation error message for allowed iSCSI target name
66214 Bug Add visual row separation to pool list in new UI
66367 Bug Clean up bulk edit disk actions in new UI
66385 Bug New UI improvements for Safari
66709 Bug Use midclt to get alerts for freenas-debug
66880 Bug Fix dhclient network device flapping
66925 Bug Update Private Key tooltips in new UI
66981 Bug Prevent shell text from overflowing in new UI
66999 Bug Display applicable middleware error messages in new UI when adding or editing VM devices
67071 Bug Escape single quotes in media description of installer
67420 Bug Use entity-table for VM landing page
67510 Bug Do not require plugin name to exactly match MANIFEST name
67602 Bug Fix bug that prevented S3 service from starting
67618 Bug Only allow ASCII for email password
67701 Bug Return less verbose error if middleware is not running
67728 Feature Update to Samba 4.9.4
67762 Bug Fix rysnc validation bug
67827 Bug Remove spurious ws4py errors from debug log
67879 Bug Do not limit Replication Tasks listing in new UI
67944 Bug Make sure the required directory structure exists when creating a VM
68115 Bug Adjust color in Cron Jobs page of new UI
68187 Bug Grab entire contents of post-installation message when installing a plugin
68214 Bug Add support for Active Directory users to NFS mapall and maproot fields of new UI
68239 Bug Allow Active Directory users to pass NFS mapall or maproot validation
68277 Bug Report actual physical (compressed) L2ARC size in new UI
68293 Bug Prevent sharesec_reset from incorrectly adding owner and group entries to the ACLs of an SMB share
68430 Feature Add Time Machine over SMB support to new UI
68473 Feature Update ifconfig to display started virtual machine names in tap descriptions
68493 Bug Have middleware use description from trains.txt
68716 Bug Fix bug in Pool Manager filter disks action of new UI
68754 Bug Add IPv6 support to network.general.summary in middleware
68815 Bug Do not display error when changing from NFSv4 to NFSv3
68835 Feature Add support for Time Machine over SMB
68923 Bug Implement VM clone feature in new UI
69022 Bug Fix FreeBSD security advisories 19:03 through 19:05
69159 Bug Increase SQLite retry timeout to prevent locking on slow USB devices
69168 Bug Store zvol size value for use by new UI
69195 Bug Use host_hostname for jail hostname in new UI
69204 Bug Use default value of auto for vnet_default_interface in new UI
69339 Bug Add a semaphore for calls within the same connection
69409 Bug Enable rrdcached
69465 Bug Hide passwords from middleware core.get_jobs output
69501 Bug Fix bug that prevented attaching a disk to the boot pool using the new UI
69598 Bug Remove Microsoft Download Tool from Guide
69733 Bug Fix bug that prevented SMART tests scheduled at midnight from running
69744 Bug Update translation files with current strings
69771 Bug Do not have middleware require password or key file for SFTP Cloud Credential
69787 Bug Fix UPS shutdown logic
69814 Bug Fix condition where new UI column headers fail to load on page refresh of entity tables
69823 Bug Prevent invalid train changes in middleware update plugin
69825 Bug Fix TFTP listen host option
70606 Bug Fix remaining issues with listing snapshots in new UI
70624 Bug Handle VM errors gracefully in new UI
70626 Bug Fix traceback and delay of mDNS advertisement
70678 Bug Remove unnecessary vm.query calls to middleware
70896 Bug Prevent ZFSException from breaking jail API calls
71022 Bug Allow rollback of any snapshot but warn that rolling back an older snapshot removes all newer snapshots
71337 Bug Use a split instead of a regex to find the poolname for zvol blocksize
71435 Bug Do not traceback when size of locked pool is unknown
71699 Bug Document new plugin_schema key in Guide
71785 Bug Address Samba listen queue overflows and issues found in vfs_ixnas
72225 Bug Make rrdcached report rrdc_update failures as warnings
72433 Bug Firefox fix to prevent some click actions in new UI from causing a logout
72459 Bug Add two new checkboxes for S3 Cloud Sync credentials to legacy UI
72475 Bug Fix “Size” typo in Reporting ->ZFS section of new UI
72499 Bug Add filters to negate middlewared startswith and endswith filters
72777 Bug Bump copyright year in new UI to 2019
72795 Bug Create a default directory and give correct permission to Syncthing plugin
72984 Bug Fix SSSD ldb error
73110 Bug Fix integer math overflow in UMA hash_alloc() that prevented ARC from growing above 512GB
73155 Bug Fix traceback in new UI when editing dataset with reservation or quota containing a decimal
73191 Bug Bug fix for Dynamic DNS
73335 Bug Pull in FreeBSD fixes so that ESXi 6.7 does not force NFSv4 datastores to mount read-only
73792 Bug Merge FreeBSD-SA-19:01.syscall fix
73819 Bug Fix OpenSSL path
73975 Bug Improve exception handling for iocage listing
74199 Bug Add mlx5ib(4) driver to the build as module
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