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FreeNAS 11.2-RC2

We are pleased to announce the general availability of FreeNAS 11.2-RC2. This final release candidate for the 11.2 series is considered to be feature-complete and ready for testing. Users, especially those who use Plugins, Jails, or VMs, are encouraged to update to this release in order to take advantage of the many improvements and bug fixes to those subsystems. Please report any bugs to https://redmine.ixsystems.com/projects/freenas/.

To update to this release, select the 11.2-STABLE train in System → Update. Should you need to return to the 11.1 series after updating, reboot and select that boot environment from the boot menu.

These major features are new in the 11.2 series:

  • The login screen defaults to the new, Angular-based UI. Users who wish to continue to use the classic UI can select “LEGACY WEB INTERFACE” in the login screen.
  • Beginning with this release, there are two published versions of the 11.2 User Guide: one contains the screenshots for the new UI and the other contains the screenshots for the legacy UI. The availability of both versions of the Guide is to assist users as they become familiar with the new UI during the transition period before the legacy UI is deprecated in a future release. Both versions contain a menu selector, making it easy to navigate between different versions of the Guide.
  • The rewrite from the old API to the new middlewared continues. Once the API stabilizes and the rewrite is complete, api.freenas.org will be deprecated and replaced by the new API documentation. In the mean time, to see the API documentation for the new middleware, log into the new UI, click on the URL for the FreeNAS system in your browser’s location bar, and add /api/docs to the end of that URL.
  • The boot loader has changed from GRUB to the native FreeBSD boot loader. This should resolve several issues that some users experienced with GRUB. GRUB was introduced as a temporary solution until the FreeBSD boot loader had full support for boot environments, which it now has.
  • The Plugins and Jails backend has switched from warden to iocage and warden will no longer receive bug fixes. The new UI will automatically use iocage to create and manage Plugins and Jails. Users are encouraged to recreate any existing Plugins and Jails using the new UI to ensure that they are running the latest supported application versions.
  • Virtual Machines are more crash-resistant. When a guest is started, the amount of available memory is checked and an initialization error will occur if there is insufficient system resources. When a guest is stopped, its resources are returned to the system. In addition, the UEFI boot menu fix allows Linux kernels 4.15 and higher to boot properly.
  • Cloud Sync Tasks provides configuration options to encrypt data before it is transmitted and to keep it in the encrypted format while stored on the cloud. The filenames can also be encrypted.
  • Support has been added for Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs).
  • OpenZFS is up-to-date with Illumos and slightly ahead due to support for sorted scrubs which were ported from ZFS on Linux. Notable improvements include channel programs, data disk removal, more resilient volume import, the ability to import a pool with missing vdevs, pool checkpoints, improved compressed ARC performance, and ZIL batching. Note that many of these improvements need further testing so have not yet been integrated into the UI.

Known Issues

Existing warden plugins and jails must be managed from the legacy UI. Both warden (legacy jails/plugins) and iocage (new jails/plugins) can coexist and the system supports multiple versions of the same plugin applications. This allows users to continue to use legacy plugins/jails until they have the opportunity to install and test replacements for their legacy versions using the new UI.

These plugins have been removed from the Plugins → Available listing of the new UI as they have failed qualification:

  • Sabnzbd
  • Sickrage
  • TinyTinyRSS

All other plugins have been tested as working,. Refer to 53790 for the RC2 plugin versions, testing details, and associated WIP tickets.


23923 Bug Add validation for NFS network and hosts fields in new UI
26198 Feature Give opportunity to save config when installing updates in new UI
28142 Bug Make sure swap mirror is destroyed when installing to disks that previously had a swap mirror
28649 Bug Clarify create option of Boot menu in Guide
28870 Bug Improve label of iSCSI target graph and improve Disk Reporting page in new UI
28932 Bug Set correct parameters for domain controller role
30136 Feature Add ZoneMinder iocage plugin
33036 Bug Convert iSCSI targets to use entity-form in new UI
34162 Bug Fix Nextcloud iocage plugin
35272 Bug Remove up/down arrows from number fields in new UI
35614 Bug Update login screen in legacy UI
37746 Bug Fix alerts tab visual corruption in new UI
40444 Bug Add selection of achi or virtio for disk mode to VM wizard in new UI
40608 Feature Add option to restart a Jail or Plugin
40844 Bug Fix labels on virtual memory summary chart of new UI
40872 Bug Add ability to allocate TUN devices dynamically in iocage
40940 Bug Add train descriptions and only display allowed trains in new UI
44317 Bug Fix download directory setting in Transmission Plugin
44350 Bug Add Remote Host and Remote Port fields to UPS service of new UI
45222 Feature Move strings from Jails section typescript files into helptext files
45233 Feature Move strings from Plugins section typescript files into helptext files
45387 Bug Add tooltip warning users to avoid using uppercase usernames when creating an SMB home share
46641 Bug Adjust safeUrl settings to allow Guide to display in new UI
46909 Feature Replace doc.freenas.org with a Guide version menu selector
47184 Bug Show warning in new UI when deleting or editing a mount point of a running jail
47246 Bug Fix issues with importing a certificate in the new UI
47598 Bug Add banner to Plugins/Jails indicating that pre-11.2 installations will not appear in new UI
47855 Bug Provide object name in deletion dialog of new UI
48064 Feature Add ability to bulk edit disks to new UI
48075 Bug Display passphrase field in new UI when replacing an encrypted disk
48680 Bug Add option to overcommit memory for VM in new UI
48768 Bug Small update to upstream iocage docs
48966 Bug Adjust method for calculating capacity of stripe in new UI
48996 Bug Add webserver to BackupPC Plugin
49007 Bug Fix issue with jail IPv6 autoconfiguration in new UI
49398 Bug Remove “Enable Power Saving Daemon” checkbox from System -> Advanced in new UI
49420 Bug Include jails fstab output in freenas-debug
49585 Bug Limit IPMI admin password to 20 characters in middleware
49783 Bug Fix sorting of Jails list in new UI
49816 Bug Update tooltip for “Endpoint URL” field
49851 Bug Update default “Size of Docker Disk File” in legacy UI to 20 GiB
50057 Bug Make VM options consistent between each view option in new UI
50090 Bug Fix SNMP validation in middleware
50222 Bug Correctly register SFTP with mDNS
50291 Bug Get correct disks list for locked pool
50423 Bug Allow LUN ID of 0 in new UI
50431 Bug Fix sorting error on some data table columns in new UI
50519 Bug Do not leave behind a partial jail if plugin installation fails
50610 Bug Fix text issue on SSH config screen of new UI
50632 Bug Add fixes for Microsoft Edge display issue in new UI
50720 Bug Use volume ID for passphrase and key management in new UI
50764 Bug Rename “Apply Pending Updates” dialog in legacy UI
50786 Bug Unblock SIGCHLD to prevent too many smartd processes
50808 Bug Display processes as a tree in freenas-debug
50819 Bug Fix smart config not being regenerated when reloading smartd
50940 Bug Increase maximum upload size for update file
51130 Bug Fix “No data to display” issue in Services page of new UI
51436 Bug Fix forward/back buttons in Reporting section of new UI
51513 Bug Add IDs to all elements on Services table of new UI
51546 Bug Rename “Automatic check for updates” checkbox on System -> Update
51579 Bug Fix tense of subtitle in Guide
51656 Bug Feature parity for Save Debug in new UI
51753 Bug Fix IPMI alert traceback
51986 Bug Add the ability to update boot_scrub field via APIv1 and v2
51997 Bug Allow deletion of corrupted jails
52083 Bug Display update process in new UI
52085 Bug Display user-selected theme after login in new UI
52116 Bug Warn if username is greater than 8 characters but accept up to 16 characters
52226 Bug Support autocomplete in new UI for selecting users or groups
52237 Bug Cherrypick iocage exec commits to fix jail shell issues
52351 Bug Fix new UI inconsistencies by adding slight delay when loading entity actions
52360 Bug Improve tooltip for Backblaze B2 Account ID in new UI
52425 Bug Fix display of FTP file/directory permissions in new UI
52434 Bug Display correct logo when uploading config on fresh installation
52637 Bug Catch any exceptions trying to load freebsd-version during iocage check_config
52669 Bug Fix display of ZFS Arc Hit Ratio and remove Uptime graph from Reports in new UI
52689 Bug Allow Plex to browse outside of its home directory
53119 Bug Fix “Device not configured” traceback
53280 Bug Bring in some FreeBSD fixes to improve ZFS device removal
53350 Bug Use fstab defaults when mounting iocage storage
53433 Bug Fix starting VM with null disk sectorsize
53469 Bug Add support for high speed NICs to SNMP
53539 Bug Fix deletion dialog box in new UI
53566 Bug Fix iSCSI target Reporting label in new UI
53604 Bug Fix traceback on pool resilver priority update
53674 Bug Fix traceback getting MAC addresses for VNET
53676 Bug Fix traceback creating cloud sync without encryption password
53790 Feature Update iocage Plugins for 11.2-RC2
53817 Bug Fix Discovery Auth Group dropdown menu in new UI
53901 Bug Fix typo in Plugins restart link in new UI
53907 Bug Look for textdump on existing mirror
54072 Bug Update rclone to 1.44 and add support for Microsoft OneDrive
54105 Bug Fix mDNS middleware traceback
54132 Bug Fix traceback on first boot without jails/plugins
54261 Bug Standardize on “delete” for removing snapshots and datasets in Guide
54348 Bug Fix power button for Virtual Machines in slim view of new UI
54366 Bug Fix tracebacks in preferences page of new UI
54375 Bug Catch exception on cloud sync credentials decrypt during migration
54393 Bug Fix bug where legacy UI did not handle cron values of 30 and 31
54420 Bug Retain user UI Preferences after logging out and back into the new UI
54438 Bug Do not call filesystem.statfs when its undefined or empty
54459 Bug Fix bug that prevented disks from appearing in Reporting screen of new UI
54468 Bug Remove legacy warden output from freenas-debug
54474 Bug Fix save button for UPS master settings in new UI
54630 Bug Fix traceback when using device extents with many snapshots
54792 Bug Run on_close to prevent CancelledError when a connection is closed unexpectedly
54825 Bug Add IPv6 SLAAC support to iocage
54861 Bug Add ability to iocage to use defaults when existing configuration file is corrupt
54888 Bug Remove redundant “SAVE CONFIG” button in System -> Update -> Manual Update
54909 Umbrella Unhook Guide from build system and link to online version
54915 Feature Remove docs build from FreeNAS build
55602 Bug Fix transparency of legacy login menu in new UI
55734 Bug Remove showmount from freenas-debug to prevent hang condition
55752 Bug Remove freenas-verify from freenas-debug
55824 Bug Remove stray div in new UI
55881 Bug Add fields for Microsoft OneDrive cloud credentials to new UI
55887 Bug Remove cachetool.py from freenas-debug
55944 Feature Add ability to define an online doc URL and version string and substitute them in help text/tooltips
55977 Bug Fix link to Netdata in new UI
56202 Bug Do not append previous iocage debugs
56232 Bug Include templates in iocage debug output
56247 Bug Log starting and stopping jails on boot
56412 Bug Fix labels and tooltips for OneDrive fields in new UI
56445 Bug Fix tooltip for Autoconfigure IPv6
56499 Feature Redirect Guide in legacy UI to online version
56511 Bug Update trueview_stats.sh
56526 Bug Write boot loading progress to console
56598 Bug Ensure crontab contains created Cron Jobs
56601 Bug Remove reference to Weblate in localization tooltip
56616 Bug Enable allow_tun for OpenVPN plugin
56646 Bug Fix creation of vlan parent interface when using netcli
56844 Bug Fix bad indent that prevented installation of vnet plugins
56979 Bug Move logic for getting docstring version to navigation component and add version to Guide link
57357 Bug Remove unused get_disk function that slowed Wizard on systems with Fibre Channel cards
57366 Bug Change dataset aclmode before trying to change permissions
57951 Bug Fix upgrade from 11.1-U6 to 11.2-RC2

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