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FreeNAS 11.2-RC1

We are pleased to announce the general availability of FreeNAS 11.2-RC1. This release candidate for the 11.2 series is considered to be feature-complete and ready for testing. Users, especially those who use Plugins, Jails, or VMs, are encouraged to update to this release in order to take advantage of the many improvements and bug fixes to those subsystems. Please report any bugs to https://redmine.ixsystems.com/projects/freenas/.

To update to this release, select the 11.2-STABLE train in System → Update. Should you need to return to the 11.1 series after updating, reboot and select that boot environment from the boot menu.

These major features are new in the 11.2 series:

  • The login screen defaults to the new, Angular-based UI. Users who wish to continue to use the classic UI can select “Legacy UI” in the login screen.
  • Beginning with this release, the screenshots that appear in the published version of the Guide and in the Guide icon within the new UI are for the new UI. However, users who click on the Guide icon while logged into the classic UI will continue to see screenshots for the old UI. The availability of both versions of the Guide is to assist users as they become familiar with the new UI during the transition period before the classic UI is deprecated in a future release.
  • The rewrite from the old API to the new middlewared continues. Once the API stabilizes and the rewrite is complete, api.freenas.org will be deprecated and replaced by the new API documentation. In the mean time, to see the API documentation for the new middleware, log into the new UI, click on the URL for the FreeNAS system in your browser’s location bar, and add /api/docs to the end of that URL.
  • The boot loader has changed from GRUB to the native FreeBSD boot loader. This should resolve several issues that some users experienced with GRUB. GRUB was introduced as a temporary solution until the FreeBSD boot loader had full support for boot environments, which it now has.
  • The Plugins and Jails backend has switched from warden to iocage and warden will no longer receive bug fixes. The new UI will automatically use iocage to create and manage Plugins and Jails. Users are encouraged to recreate any existing Plugins and Jails using the new UI to ensure that they are running the latest supported application versions.
  • Virtual Machines are more crash-resistant. When a guest is started, the amount of available memory is checked and an initialization error will occur if there is insufficient system resources. When a guest is stopped, its resources are returned to the system. In addition, the UEFI boot menu fix allows Linux kernels 4.15 and higher to boot properly.
  • Cloud Sync Tasks provides configuration options to encrypt data before it is transmitted and to keep it in the encrypted format while stored on the cloud. The filenames can also be encrypted.
  • Preliminary support has been added for Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs).
  • OpenZFS is up-to-date with Illumos and slightly ahead due to support for sorted scrubs which were ported from ZFS on Linux. Notable improvements include channel programs, data disk removal, more resilient volume import, the ability to import a pool with missing vdevs, pool checkpoints, improved compressed ARC performance, and ZIL batching. Note that many of these improvements need further testing so have not yet been integrated into the UI.

Known Issues

These plugins have been removed from the Plugins → Available listing as they are still a work in progress:

  • Nextcloud
  • Sabnzbd
  • Sickrage
  • TinyTinyRSS
  • Zoneminder

All other plugins have been tested as working, with these caveats:

  • Some plugins still do not display the correct version number in the UI or instead display N/A for their version number.
  • BackupPC is CLI only until the web server can be added to the underlying FreeBSD port.
  • if a plugin installation fails due to a network issue, it will still appear as installed (see 50519). In this case, double-check your network connectivity before attempting to install the plugin again.

The aim is to have these plugins issues resolved for RELEASE. Refer to 44856 for the RC1 plugin versions, testing details, and associated WIP tickets.


26741 Bug Add menu item in new UI to restart VM
27012 Bug Add ability to set password in new UI if it wasn’t configured during installation
27236 Bug Improve warden to iocage migration script
27384 Bug Update instructions on how to replace disk in encrypted pool
28658 Bug Add section about Midnight Commander to Guide
32373 Bug Sort NFS shares by path in legacy UI
33339 Bug Limit IPMI admin password to 20 characters
34086 Bug Create initial helptext file for groups as a model for all modules
36943 Feature Add progress for iocage jail creation and fetching to middleware
37658 Bug Use last selected view type when returning to Services page of new UI
38275 Bug Improve Path and Name Lengths section of Guide
39051 Bug Improve upload progress status in new UI
39123 Feature Add eMMC flash storage support
39682 Bug Fix issues associated with a failed or interrupted plugin install in the new UI
39852 Bug Add multi-select dropdown to new UI for restarting services upon pool unlock
39932 Bug Restore ports build optimization while retaining debug symbols
39977 Feature Revise update page in new UI
40166 Bug Document UPS Hostname Field in new UI version of Guide
40236 Bug Fix disk sort size in Snapshot page of new UI
40468 Bug Add rtsold support to iocage for IPv6 auto-configuration
40484 Bug Add ability to customize default vnet interface to middleware
40496 Bug Improve display of VM Devices in new UI
40872 Bug Add ability to allocate TUN/TAP devices dynamically in iocage
41176 Bug Bring new UI Reporting screen up to feature parity
41268 Bug Decomplicate things and just use pool/iocage as mount
41370 Feature Add IDs to storage pages of new UI
41628 Bug Expose SMB charset choices in new UI
41670 Bug Fix “list index out of range” error when listing plugins installed in a previous version
42251 Bug Fix background for flat buttons in new UI
42263 Bug Add stop button to Virtual Machine Options in new UI
42275 Bug Pluralize “Authorized Networks” column name in new UI
42533 Feature Add ability to specify jail root in new UI
42581 Bug Fix for jail IP format during validation
42653 Bug Add support to iocage for git@github.com syntax
42755 Bug Update Lagg instructions in Guide
42797 Bug Allow empty value for Jail interfaces in new UI
42821 Bug Auto-fill previously configured jail fields in new UI
42845 Bug Restyle dialog and its text on services page of new UI
42857 Bug Add text about updating and upgrading jails to new UI version of Guide
42887 Bug Improve new user creation in New UI
42944 Bug Add support for other possible temperature output from smartctl
43014 Bug Sort folder paths alphabetically in new UI
43035 Bug Change name of “Sign in” button to “Log in”
43056 Bug Ensure mouseover tooltips match field data in new UI
43077 Bug Display message in new UI when user tries to add an interface when all interfaces are already in use
43091 Bug Add support for Azure Blob configuration in new UI
43112 Bug Do not enable Berkeley Packet Filter by default in new UI
43119 Bug Fix potential race condition when creating jails
43140 Feature Allow SMB service and iSCSI portals to bind IPv6 addresses in new UI
43147 Bug Recolor text on empty tables in new UI
43210 Bug Match the log in dialogs in the new UI
43252 Bug Prevent jails with names that are already in use
43404 Bug Fix calculating total file size when resuming update download
43591 Bug Fix logic for validating disks when extending pool in new UI
43624 Bug Display error when incorrect username or password are entered into System -> Support of new UI
43646 Bug Display bandwidth units as MBps in dashboard of new UI
43745 Bug Apply handleWSError to the websocket of the Jails section in new UI
43767 Bug Remove deprecated pbi daemon
43778 Bug Explicitly set cursor focus in new UI shell to true
43800 Bug Add “Team Drive ID” field for Google Drive cloud credential in new UI
43855 Bug Display error message if VM clone creation fails in new UI
43866 Bug Use unique name for cloned zvol
43910 Bug Properly handle VM non-existing state in new UI
43943 Bug Add ability for user to disable LDAP config by setting an empty hostname in new UI
44009 Bug Add theme colors to ripples and hover effects in new UI
44196 Bug Add support for IPv6 static routes
44273 Bug Display alert when powering off a VM in new UI
44306 Bug FIx issues with SMART config generation
44504 Bug Fix button placement for slim view on Safari and all IOS browsers
44724 Bug Use appropriate units in the Dashboard Disks widget of new UI
44746 Bug Fix entity-table from repeating last page of listing on first page
44790 Bug Run getpwnam/getgrnam in a thread
44834 Bug Retry on pkg install failures to overcome transient network errors when installing Plugins
44856 Feature Update iocage Plugins for RC1
44991 Bug Fix bug that allowed the creation of cloud credentials with duplicate names
45028 Bug Show jail edit error message in a dialog in new UI
45072 Bug Fix regression on boot device attach and replace
45116 Feature Add infinite scroll to entity-table
45145 Feature Move strings from Tasks section typescript files into helptext files
45266 Feature Add cloneacl CLI utility
45343 Bug Ensure destination directory exists when adding storage to a jail
45563 Bug Append .txt to iocage debug and run more commands if the jail is not running
45611 Bug Remove assumptions in MI code that the BSP is CPU 0
45622 Bug Update oce(4) Emulex driver
45717 Bug Fix traceback on pool.get_disks
45721 Bug Fix traceback on disk.get_unused
45732 Bug Move pysnmp initialization to thread
45743 Bug Fix spurious traceback on jail plugin
45750 Bug Fix traceback when listing plugins
45761 Bug Fix traceback when reading plugins database
45772 Bug Fix traceback in legacy UI wizard
45783 Bug Fix traceback when removing mountpoint for jail
45794 Bug Fix traceback when trying to restore alert
45805 Bug Fix traceback on jail delete
45838 Bug Improve validation for iocage jail CRUD methods
45849 Bug Prevent creating NFS share without path
45853 Bug Add help text to link aggregation members fields in new UI
45860 Bug Fix traceback when creating Docker VM
45871 Bug Raise error when starting VM with same tap interface
45875 Bug Fix traceback when creating iSCSI extent with wrong file path
45904 Bug Adjust new UI Backblaze B2 labels to match rclone documentation
45996 Bug Add ability in new UI to unassign IP address from interface
46018 Bug Fix rebooting a VM
46051 Bug Fix Plex installation with static IP address
46150 Bug Fix FreeBSD-SA-18:12.elf and update FreeBSD-EN-18:08.lazyfpu fix
46179 Bug Continue termination even if a service fails
46190 Bug Do not disable existing loggers in middlewared
46194 Bug Fix error message for CA Identifier field in new UI
46245 Bug Correctly create aliases for shared IP jails that don’t specify an interface
46249 Bug Fix About image in new UI for better resizing on Firefox and for appearances on dark themes
46271 Bug Preserve original VM devices order
46293 Bug Perform memory and space check when creating Docker VM in new UI
46366 Bug Upgrade Plex plugin to to patch security vulnerability
46425 Bug Alert if iocage pool is not activated before performing any plugin or jail operations in UI
46436 Bug Change wording for jail creation advanced field
46491 Bug Fix “Host: 11.1 is not greater than jail: 11.2” error
46557 Bug Fix serial issue in certificate chain
46630 Bug Allow empty mapuser/mapgroup in NFS section of new UI
46663 Bug Remove “View Options” from Preferences of new UI
46711 Bug Make console in new UI wider and taller by default and responsive to window size
46729 Bug Fix transmission plugin
46744 Bug Fix handleWSError in Plugin UI
46766 Bug Hide duplicate upload config button in new UI
46806 Bug Fix issue that prevented plugin’s IP address being updated in new UI
46920 Bug Fix devfs rules that have a bracket
46927 Bug Fix errant jail RELEASE types in warden migration script
46931 Bug Simplify Docker UI code to catch up with middleware changes
46964 Bug Fix sending multiple vm.clone calls when cloning a VM
46997 Bug Fix lazy import to avoid double logging config
47026 Bug Update Trueview stats to include CPU temp and strict gstat
47085 Bug Fix bug in iocage MAC address setting
47096 Bug Remove f_not_consul program filter from syslog-ng.conf
47140 Bug Update multidict to version 4.3.1
47151 Bug Fix traceback when listing jails
47213 Bug Implement space check when creating a RAW file
47312 Bug Install transmission plugin with web UI
47323 Bug Remove double error notification when starting Docker VM
47404 Bug Fix traceback if vlan parent interface vanishes
47415 Bug Fix traceback when trying to stop VMs on volume detach/export
47426 Bug Fix traceback on auth.token call
47437 Bug Use less verbose error on service status timeout
47488 Bug Fix incorrect property name for IPv4 in jail error message
47591 Bug Adjust middleware Backblaze B2 labels to match rclone documentation
47642 Feature Add vnet_default_interface field to Jails Advanced menu in new UI
47745 Bug Allow user to view mount points for running jails in new UI
47756 Bug Only display user-created jail mountpoints in new UI
47789 Bug Sort boot environments list by space used in new UI
47796 Bug Add bnxt(4) as kernel module
47906 Bug Remove card views from Services page of new UI and restyle table view
47932 Bug Fix bug that prevented creation of VMs using new UI
47943 Bug Pluralize Account menu in new UI
47961 Bug Fix bug in top play button of new UI
47965 Bug Ensure an interface is selected when setting a jail’s IP address in the new UI
48063 Bug Fix theme bug in VM slim card view
48096 Bug Allow null value for VNC port
48108 Bug Fix typo in smartd.py
48174 Bug Fix VM cards Edit and Save in new UI
48251 Bug Use proper units for boot environments
48350 Bug Fix Cloud Sync Webdav traceback
48380 Bug Fix traceback when signing CSR
48416 Bug Use flag for iocage — keep jail on failure
48449 Bug Fix iocage — exec_pre|post stop
48457 Bug Add “allow_mlock” as a new iocage property
48482 Bug Add IPv6 Autoconfigure checkbox for jails to new UI
48501 Bug Show last 10 lines of stuck task
48523 Bug Constrain description size and width in VM slim card view of new UI
48526 Bug Add section for removing log and cache devices to Guide
48548 Feature Add ability to show mounts while jail is running
48559 Bug Fix traceback when setting ZFS properties via ‘iocage set’
48581 Bug Honor iocage — exec_clean for exec
48600 Bug Fix APIv1 bug when replacing an encrypted disk
48636 Bug Add IPv6 keyword check in IP validator
48779 Bug Fix traceback when pkg-static install fails
48801 Bug Remove duplicate IDs from entity wizard
48809 Bug Hide duplicate upload button in manual update form of new UI
48911 Bug Fix typo in VM device edit form
49084 Bug Sort boot environment list by date in new UI
49095 Bug Add release and prerelease tags to train descriptions
49282 Bug Fix error message for Certificates Identifier field in new UI
50068 Bug Fix issue with JSON output format for CPU temperatures
50233 Bug Remove ^H bindkey as it is incompatible with some terminals
50236 Bug Update RancherOS to version 1.4.1
50343 Bug Add netgraph.ko to build
50456 Bug Use correct pkg repo for plugins
51036 Bug Fix issue with jail mount point destination folder in new UI
51061 Bug Remove unused ports from installation and upgrade files
51654 Bug Don’t raise a pkg error if plugin succeeds after the first install attempt


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