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FreeNAS 11.2-BETA3

We are pleased to announce the general availability of FreeNAS 11.2-BETA3. This third BETA of the 11.2 series is considered to be feature-complete and ready for testing. Users, especially those who use Plugins, Jails, or VMs, are encouraged to update to this release in order to take advantage of the many improvements and bug fixes to those subsystems. Please report any bugs to https://redmine.ixsystems.com/projects/freenas/.

To update to this release, select the 11.2-STABLE train in System → Update. Should you need to return to the 11.1 series after updating, reboot and select that boot environment from the boot menu.

These major features are new in the 11.2 series:

  • The login screen defaults to the new, Angular-based UI. Users who wish to continue to use the classic UI can select “Legacy UI” in the login screen.
  • Beginning with this release, the screenshots that appear in the published version of the Guide and in the Guide icon within the new UI are for the new UI. However, users who click on the Guide icon while logged into the classic UI will continue to see screenshots for the old UI. The availability of both versions of the Guide is to assist users as they become familiar with the new UI during the transition period before the classic UI is deprecated in a future release.
  • The rewrite from the old API to the new middlewared continues. Once the API stabilizes and the rewrite is complete, api.freenas.org will be deprecated and replaced by the new API documentation. In the mean time, to see the API documentation for the new middleware, log into the new UI, click on the URL for the FreeNAS system in your browser’s location bar, and add /api/docs to the end of that URL.
  • The boot loader has changed from GRUB to the native FreeBSD boot loader. This should resolve several issues that some users experienced with GRUB. GRUB was introduced as a temporary solution until the FreeBSD boot loader had full support for boot environments, which it now has.
  • The Plugins and Jails backend has switched from warden to iocage and warden will no longer receive bug fixes. The new UI will automatically use iocage to create and manage Plugins and Jails. Users are encouraged to recreate any existing Plugins and Jails using the new UI to ensure that they are running the latest supported application versions.
  • Virtual Machines are more crash-resistant. When a guest is started, the amount of available memory is checked and an initialization error will occur if there is insufficient system resources. When a guest is stopped, its resources are returned to the system. In addition, the UEFI boot menu fix allows Linux kernels 4.15 and higher to boot properly.
  • Cloud Sync Tasks provides configuration options to encrypt data before it is transmitted and to keep it in the encrypted format while stored on the cloud. The filenames can also be encrypted.
  • Preliminary support has been added for Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs).
  • OpenZFS is up-to-date with Illumos and slightly ahead due to support for sorted scrubs which were ported from ZFS on Linux. Notable improvements include channel programs, data disk removal, more resilient volume import, the ability to import a pool with missing vdevs, pool checkpoints, improved compressed ARC performance, and ZIL batching. Note that many of these improvements need further testing so have not yet been integrated into the UI.

Known Issues

Due to a regression, it is currently not possible to mirror the boot device. This will be fixed for RC1.

These plugins have been removed from the Plugins → Available listing as they are still a work in progress:

  • Sabnzbd
  • TinyTinyRSS
  • Zoneminder

All other plugins have been tested as working, with these caveats:

  • some still do not display the correct version number in the UI
  • if a Plex installation fails, try again until it succeeds

The aim is to have these plugins issues resolved for RC1. Refer to 39573 for the BETA3 plugin versions, testing details, and associated WIP tickets.


27756 Feature Show cloud sync logs for all statuses
28063 Bug Write local SID to correct DB file
29020 Bug Encrypt cloud credentials in configuration database
29106 Bug Remove note from Guide and tooltip that incorrectly stated encrypted pools could not be used for the system dataset
30663 Feature Add graphics/drm-next-kmod to system
31194 Feature Add ability to rename iocage jails in new UI
31269 Feature Fix error when renaming Plugin Jails
31390 Bug Avoid problems when new UI is accessed via DNS instead of IP address
31518 Feature Add log reader to Status column of Cloud Sync viewer in new UI
32055 Bug Remove warning that vfs_full_audit may cause transfer problems
32220 Bug Do not display netcli shell option to non-root users in new UI
32736 Bug Change default ZFS indirect block size from 128 to 32 for new files and zvols
33054 Feature Automatically create bridge with default route for iocage jails
33645 Feature Add ability to stop winmsa from changing owner
33648 Feature Add password toggle button to new UI
34327 Bug Add note to Guide for UPS polling interval
34396 Bug Use FreeNAS-specific fork of iocage
34522 Bug Allow reset of SED password in UI
34603 Bug Fix traceback when setting IPMI VLAN ID
34684 Bug Fix quota exceeded emails being sent every minute
34687 Bug Add timeout for LDAP status calls
34894 Bug Measure performance effects of different indirect block sizes
34948 Bug Fix node error when pressing enter on a file input dialog in new UI
35146 Bug Fix left sidenav scroll in new UI
35215 Bug Fix smart.nawk script in freenas-debug SMART section
35395 Bug Apply handleWSError to the websocket of the storage section in new UI
35404 Bug Fix race condition in SMART
35605 Bug Alphabetically sort datasets and pools in Periodic Snapshot Tasks screen of new UI
35632 Bug Prompt user to fix Cloud Credential in new UI when credential check fails
35638 Bug Show plugin installation progress in new UI
35973 Bug Remove faulty enabled/disabled logic from freenas-debug
36188 Feature Add radarr iocage plugin
36198 Bug Fix pool dashboard widget traceback when pool is locked in new UI
36473 Feature Improve zsh prompt and add useful bindkeys
36578 Bug Fix 404 error in browser console immediately after login to new UI
36948 Feature Use callback to return iocage plugin progress
37143 Bug Remove unnecessary pam_sss errors from /var/log/auth.log
37188 Bug Add a short initialization delay to enable left menu scrolling on FreeBSD Firefox and Chrome in new UI
37258 Bug Standardize action button names in new UI
37398 Bug Remove “Enable automatic upload of daily telemetry” checkbox from new UI
37448 Bug Update jail_zfs_dataset tooltip
37606 Bug Add missing and updated tooltips or fields
37662 Bug Add load spinner to Services page of new UI
37802 Bug Support spaces in path when adding storage to an iocage jail
37878 Bug Add sysctls to disable winbind and sssd enumeration
37902 Bug Remove ‘net usersidlist’ from freenas-debug
38006 Bug Fix text, font, and breadcrumb errors in System -> Update -> Manual Update -> Save Config
38073 Bug Add missing Cloud Service Credential tooltips in new UI
38145 Bug Add Status column to Cloud Sync Tasks in new UI
38435 Bug Fix INFO alerts being shown as CRITICAL
38570 Bug Rename Netdata Configure button to Launch in new UI
38600 Bug Increase height of dialog to make room for error message when trying to downgrade in new UI
38620 Bug Fix truncated tooltips in Snapshot dialog of new UI
38783 Bug Add ability to log directly into new UI with a token
38898 Bug Improve text of unauthorized email alert message
38943 Bug Prevent downgrades in legacy UI
39047 Bug Fix issue with pressing enter in VM wizard of new UI
39087 Bug Remove extra logout confirmation from new UI
39131 Bug Handle disk wipe percentages correctly in new UI
39203 Bug Disable Management function for installed Plugins that do not provide a management interface
39223 Bug Update RancherOS to 1.4
39253 Bug Several fixes for Custom Theme tool in new UI
39258 Feature Allow branch selection for iocage plugins
39383 Bug Reword legacy UI dialog in new UI
39448 Bug Display version numbers for Installed Plugins in new UI
39453 Bug Add API to display plugin version number for Installed Plugins
39463 Bug Add validation to boot environment name fields
39468 Bug Prevent creation of groups with same name or GID in new UI
39493 Bug Show warning if Swap size is set to 0
39508 Bug Check for iocage host release being less than plugin release when fetching plugin
39563 Bug Fade-to-black 60 seconds after the user clicks to shut down the system using the new UI
39573 Feature Update iocage Plugins for BETA3
39613 Bug Remove typo in Google Cloud Storage in new UI
39628 Fix function for storing SIDs
39638 Bug Change iocage plugin mechanism to use branches
39702 Bug Add a delay indicator to entity tables, service table, dashboard, and reports pages in new UI
39707 Bug Notify user when plugin install is complete in new UI
39732 Bug Fix cron custom setup screen in new UI
39752 Bug Move tooltip for snapshot lifetime to the right place in the new UI
39762 Bug Update legacy UI to support human readable cron syntax
39767 Bug Add validation to vlan tag field in new UI
39842 Bug Hide actions that cannot be used when pool is locked and display unlock button when pool is locked
39857 Bug Add spinner when group membership is slow to load in new UI
39877 Bug iSCSI Auth Secret validation
39907 Bug Fix Bacula plugin installation errors
39912 Bug Shorten WebDAV placeholder name in new UI
39917 Bug Fix label for S.M.A.R.T. test schedule in new UI
39937 Bug Fix S3 service port validation in new UI
39942 Bug Fix iSCSI breadcrumbs in new UI
39947 Bug Ensure VM name is unique, regardless of type of VM
39957 Bug Fix iSCSI Associated Target LUN ID validation in new UI
39962 Bug Add validation for FTP fields in new UI
39982 Bug Optimize detection of best host in freenasldap.py for large environments
40036 Bug Display parent vlan interface in new UI
40066 Bug Fix nginx rule to correctly refresh plugins screen in new UI
40076 Bug Update API to properly handle vnet devices
40086 Bug Disallow empty cloud sync bucket
40096 Bug Add validation for NetBIOS Name and NetBIOS Alias fields in new UI
40106 Bug Check DNS before allowing plugins to continue and raise an error if check fails
40126 Bug Improve warning in new UI when user selects another interface for configuration
40131 Bug Add missing labels and validation to SNMP fields in new UI
40146 Bug Hide SNMPv3 fields in new UI unless “SNMP v3 Support” is enabled
40161 Bug Validate UPS fields in new UI
40176 Bug Update favicon in new UI and Guide
40181 Bug Do not allow multiple VMs with same name
40206 Bug Fix theme color in new UI for SMART Tests checkboxes
40340 Bug Only show Enable VNC checkbox when Boot Method is UEFI in VM Wizard
40344 Feature Add API endpoint to pass MIDDLEWARE_TOKEN to web UI
40420 Bug Fix issue with updating jails in new UI
40428 Bug Pull in some recent FreeBSD fixes for ISO boot issues on legacy systems
40440 Bug Rollback VM creation if anything goes wrong to prevent duplicate VMs
40456 Bug Perform VM memory check at the beginning of the create VM wizard in the new UI
40460 Feature Append mountpoint to jail’s root directory when adding storage
40472 Bug Finetune netinfo and cputemp Dashboard components
40476 Bug Fix UEFI-CSM boot method for VMs
40480 Bug Add link to Guide that further explains ssh-keygen
40492 Bug Add ability to display iocage plugins post-install notes
40500 Feature Refactor how memory is accounted
40504 Bug Fix VM Disk sector size in new UI
40512 Bug Put threshold of 8 sequential failures for NTP connection alert
40516 Bug Add validation to VNC password in new UI
40544 Bug Fix jail start and stop actions in new UI
40548 Bug Prevent adding storage to a running jail
40584 Bug Strip subnet from management URL for iocage plugins
40588 Bug Make column headers consistent between Jails and Installed Plugins
40592 Bug Display correct VM summary in new UI when existing disk is used for VM creation
40628 Bug Add icons to buttons on Installed Plugins page of new UI
40656 Bug Correct System Dataset and Tunables breadcrumbs in new UI
40680 Bug Kerberos authentication fixes for LDAP servers
40712 Bug Reduce taskqueue congestion caused by ZFS ZIO pipeline activity
40736 Bug Fix Services –> S.M.A.R.T. breadcrumb
40744 Bug Update new UI version of Guide to indicate destination directory will be automatically created if it does not exist when adding storage to a jail
40780 Bug Fix bug that prevented updating a user using APIv1
40788 Bug Use CallError on rrdtool failure
40856 Bug Fix display of GIDs in new UI
40864 Bug Fix multipath_sync tracebacks on boot
40868 Bug Fix disable/hide on init/shutdown scripts in new UI
40908 Bug Improve the Support Form text and links in the webui
40916 Bug Fix tooltip and table entry for Rsync Enabled setting
40953 Bug Remove User Base and Group Base fields from Active Directory
40964 Bug Rename VMs menu to Virtual Machines
40976 Bug Add IP usage validator to middleware
41012 Bug Fix MiB and GiB usage in new UI and Guide
41032 Bug Improve dialog messages in new UI
41060 Feature Improve the validation process for source and destination fields when adding storage to jails
41064 Feature Return VM status in vm.query
41068 Bug Fix exception when dismissing alert that has gone away
41084 Bug Remove unused exit_on_error attribute in iocage
41092 Bug Fix validation issue in Edit Disk screen of new UI
41104 Bug Bug fix for iSCSI target_authgroup in APIv1
41148 Bug Hide “Netwait IP list” field in new UI unless “Enable netwait feature” is enabled
41160 Bug Fix Network -> Global Configuration breadcrumb
41172 Bug Remove unused “Enable automatic upload of daily telemetry” field
41196 Feature Add iocage to freenas-debug
41248 Bug Monitor VM status for new UI
41276 Bug Fix “not a list” traceback when changing DDNS settings
41308 Bug vnet0 option only valid if vnet checked for jail in new UI
41320 Bug Increment number in plugin name to support multiple installations
41328 Bug Update checkbox settings and dark themes to work with new theme rules
41355 Bug Support CIDR subnets for allowed iSCSI initiators in new UI
41365 Bug Avoid sending dozens of crash reports filling up thread pool
41380 Bug Update Samba port to address August CVEs
41395 Bug Properly encode passwords in inadyn config
41400 Bug Remove redundant mrsas checks
41420 Bug Capitalize the Plugins “install” option in new UI
41435 Bug Allow netgroups in NFS share authorized hosts and IP addresses
41450 Bug Ensure all new UI components that use core.service use the OnDestroy lifecycle hook to properly unregister
41496 Bug Convert WebDAV to use websocket call
41532 Bug Fix jenkins conflict with jenkins-tls
41538 Bug Fix plexmediaserver conflict with plexmediaserver-plexpass
41544 Bug Add field to display iocage plugins post-install notes
41556 Bug Update SMB charset choices in middlewared
41568 Bug Fix ESERVICESTARTFAILURE traceback
41580 Bug Make sure VM sector size is an int
41592 Bug Use drop-down menu for Adding a VM Disk Device in new UI
41598 Bug Validate zvol while creating a VM
41640 Feature Add Google Team Drive support to middleware
41694 Feature Improve validation for jail creation
41718 Bug Add delay indicator to pools list in new UI
41724 Bug Fix query issue that prevented saving of Alert Services settings in new UI
41730 Bug Remove stray cancel button from Support page of new UI
41760 Bug Force scrollbar to refresh on every menu click in new UI
41838 Bug Patch FreeBSD-SA-18:09.l1tf and FreeBSD-SA-18:10.ip
41844 Bug Add middleware API for setting password on first login if user left password blank during installation
41868 Bug Specifying –file should use file with iocage
41880 Bug Improve service status wording in freenas-debug
41886 Bug Enforce VM minimum memory check in new UI
41910 Bug Fix system crash/freeze when deleting many files
41916 Bug Fix traceback in new UI when creating new VM disk image
42006 Bug Update APIv1 documentation for unlocking volume
42018 Bug Prevent hold on file descriptors that stalls plugin installation
42024 Bug Add support for multiple countries with same key in middlewared
42048 Bug Fix bug in rsync plugin which made the validation for rsync fail
42066 Bug Add option in new UI to retain the share configuration when detaching a pool
42090 Feature Add -a and -p to arcstat
42239 Bug Add snackbar notification and error dialog to Plugin Update section of new UI
42311 Bug Bring tooltips to the foreground on the Custom Theme page
42329 Bug Combine the Log Out, Restart, and Shut Down sections into one chapter in the new UI version of the Guide
42341 Bug Update tooltip and button labels on Power page of new UI
42353 Bug Fix mountpoint destination issue in new UI
42257 Bug Keep AD in configured state even if service start fails
42359 Bug Fix callback usage in lib/iocage that prevented jail autostart
42371 Bug Add order to VM devices API
42407 Bug Change all “UI” instances to “Web” in new UI
42485 Bug Fix delete call for jail mount point
42581 Bug Fix for jail IP format during validation
42593 Feature Add devfs rules to iocage plugins
42641 Bug Only show one interface for the plugin IP of a non-vnet iocage jail
42647 Bug Fix checkbox theme in new UI for themes with light colors
42725 Bug Add LogOnce option for disk usage Reporting plugin
42749 Bug Remove NTP alert code that was generating false positives
42761 Bug Fix traceback when Plugins INDEX does not exist
42803 Bug Unblock speculative prefetcher on pool creation
42809 Bug Fix integration tests requests to APIv2 being anonymous by default
42851 Bug Fix SMART debug
42899 Bug Fix “list index out of range” error when using Advanced Jail Creation in the New UI
43000 Bug Fix migration error that prevented upgrade from 11.1-U6 to 11.2-BETA2
43224 Bug Fix traceback when creating a Docker or bhyve clone in the new UI
43328 Bug Have jail wizard wait until SUCCESS before leaving page
43415 Bug Fix traceback found during load testing
43580 Bug Wait longer for middlewared to start
43635 Bug Disable asyncio debug by default
43712 Bug Drop server minimum protocol to SMB2_02
43811 Bug Fix deadlock on thread pool
44075 Bug Fix regression in notifier.ds_get_idmap_object
44482 Bug Fix crash when deleting pool that has system dataset on it
44526 Bug Add trueview.stats event source to middleware
44581 Bug Fix bug that prevented deletion of Volume/Pool comments
44625 Bug Fix a Samba panic if fruit_access_check detects a locking conflict
44735 Bug Fix bug when installing Plugins without an underlying FreeBSD package
44940 Bug Fix removal of SMART alerts
44958 Bug Fix bug that prevented update to DDNS configuration


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